And So It Begins…

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has started, as National Journal notes, a “very, very long speech”, but not a filibuster.  He’s apparently going to talk until he can’t stand any more.  National Journal will be keeping track of Senator Cruz’s speech in opposition to Obamacare.  You can also watch the drama unfold over on C-SPAN2.

Swinging the spotlight back to Georgia, Republican contender for Georgia’s 1st Congressional District seat Bob Johnson is firing volleys from his Facebook page at fellow Republican candidate Buddy Carter for Carter’s position that Obamacare should be delayed:

Dr. Bob Johnson, surgeon, retired Army Ranger and conservative Republican candidate for Georgia’s First Congressional District, today released the following statement on his opponent, State Senator Buddy Carter’s liberal position on ObamaCare:
“In the debate over whether to delay or defund ObamaCare, my opponent, liberal Senator Buddy Carter, who said in his campaign kick-off speech that parts of ObamaCare are ‘not so bad’, said this weekend at a forum in Brunswick that he would rather ‘delay ObamaCare’ than defund ObamaCare. Senator Carter’s position to ‘delay ObamaCare’ is the same position President Obama is taking, it’s what liberals and Washington insiders want and it is wrong for Georgia families.

“As a conservative and a practicing surgeon who has seen over 13,000 patients in Georgia, I can tell you that ObamaCare is far too destructive and dangerous to patients and small businesses to simply be delayed. Delaying isn’t good enough. I have repeatedly called for ObamaCare to be defunded and ended. I agree with the position of the conservative Heritage Foundation which points outs that ObamaCare can be defunded and the government funded at the same time. But they say, ‘simply delaying ObamaCare is a gift to the Obama Administration.’

“This is a clear reason conservatives must stop liberal Buddy Carter, because he will let the Obamacare train wreck keep coming toward us.”

Discuss the points of Obamacare and how the CR will go in the Senate in the comments below.


  1. Three Jack says:

    Watching Cruz now, credit for standing up no matter how ill advised his strategy may be. He will have a great opportunity to put real faces on the damage ObamaRobertsCare has and will continue to cause. Unfortunately after he finishes, Reid will use procedural tactics to put forth a ‘clean’ (clean in govmentspeak means spend wrecklessly with no regard for fiscal sanity) CR that fully funds ORC. That’s the bad news.

    Good news, the CR then has to go back to the House for consideration. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

  2. Toxic Avenger says:

    I wonder how Ted Cruz feels that his fellow Texan, Wendy Davis, had to talk about a single topic for her entire speech, but he took mere minutes to start pondering such heavy political topics as White Castle and Ashton Kutcher.

  3. DP714 says:

    It’s highly unlikely they will defund it this week. Hopefully, it changes some minds of the public, or at least gets more people to research more, but it will not accomplish much in the Senate. If it did, Reid wouldn’t have yielded the floor to him.

    The only hope of getting rid of it some time in the future is by delaying it as long as possible for now, and they probably will be able to accomplish this. Though he may just be “show-boating” or trying to win some political points, I’m glad he’s doing it, because this needs to be talked about as much as possible, in order to get people to understand just what they are asking for with the ACA’s implementation. Also, I’d like to add that the whole debate around the bill’s passage has been deceivingly framed in that it’s being made to be about a “government shutdown” when in reality its about fully funding the budget, except for Obamacare…

    • Toxic Avenger says:

      “Highly unlikely?” Try “impossible.” The Senate will never do it, and the President would never approve it. So this is just the Ted Cruz 2016 show coming into town.

      • DP714 says:

        Well then consider it an all-day instructional on why Obamacare sucks. Btw, one can support a message without supporting the messenger. Anyway, It’s just mind boggling to me why so many have trashed the guy for saying what they agree with, for talking about what needs to be talked about, and for pointing out the hypocrisy that they complain about on a daily basis.

  4. ricstewart says:

    If the GOP is convinced Obamacare is so bad, it seems to me that the smarter political strategy would be to just let it happen and then say “I told you so,” rather than coming off as obstructionists.

  5. Dave Bearse says:

    Americans love most components of Obamacare, except the insurance mandate that pays for it. Surprised?

    Obamacare may change, but offspring on parent’s insurance to age 26, non-exclusion based on pre-existing conditions, and other elements are here to stay.

    There will be irony in what was meant to revile and disparage, the name Obamacare, should the word continue to be identified with basic popular healthcare elements. 50 years out youngsters may not how to pronounce Reagan or who he was, but Obamacare may be routine lexicon.

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