Wright McLeod cleared of all FEC complaints: Updated

While most of us are still gearing up for the 2014 races, some folks are still tying up loose ends from 2012.  Wright McLeod of Augusta would like you to know he’s been cleared of ethics charges against him. 


Augusta, Ga. – The Federal Election Commission dismissed all of the alleged violations filed by candidate Rick Allen against Wright McLeod in last year’s GA-12th Republican Congressional Primary.

In a letter dated September 19th, the Commission stated, “Upon further review of the allegations contained in the complaint, and information supplied by you, the Commission, on September 10th, 2013, voted to find no reason to believe with respect to certain allegations, dismissed the remaining allegations and closed the file”.

Specifically, Allen accused McLeod of five (5) election violations:

  •     Illegally using proprietary information obtained from Allen’s campaign disclosure reports;
  •     Illegally accepting excessive in-kind contributions;
  •     Failing to properly report excessive in-kind contributions;
  •     Illegally accepting contributions from a limited liability corporation; and
  •     Failing to properly disclose in-kind contributions

In the Dismissal, the Commission did not believe Allen’s first two (2) allegations and dismissed the remaining three (3) citing insignificance.

McLeod said, “Justice prevailed.  This was an unnecessary and expensive legal fight in which the ethical allegations crossed the line, even by today’s standards.  Instead of debating the issues, it became a fight over my integrity.  The result, I was forced to defend my character, and the Republican Primary became a circular firing squad that caused the people of GA-12 to lose and John Barrow to win.”


Update from former Allen Campaign consultant Chip Lake:

“Did McLeod release the 14 page “Factual and Legal Analysis” by the FEC or just the one page summary? The 14 page document from the FEC uses the term “prosecutorial discretion” six (6) times referring to the McLeod allegations. Translation: You lost, this complaint is almost 2 years old, you aren’t running again, and we (FEC) want to get this past us because we (FEC) have much bigger fish to fry as opposed to moving forward with any type of sanctions against a candidate that came in third place in a four way primary almost two years ago. Wright’s release today says that the FEC dismissed the final 3 charges due to “insignificance.” The official language  used in the dismissal was “prosecutorial discretion.” It should also be noted that Wright McLeod was smart to retain the services of Stefan Passantino to help him navigate this process. Stefan is one of the best in the business and did a great job of cleaning up Wright McLeod’s mess! Albeit it took almost two year to do it for a reason. “


  1. Herb says:

    The FEC is a notoriously corrupt organization gamed by Republican strategists and activists alike for the sole purpose of entrenching their stranglehold on the American family and way of life.

    I’m not surprised by this.

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