Reaching Across the Aisle

File this under “Well that doesn’t happen often”.

Daniel Matthews, Chairman of the Oconee County Democratic Party, has endorsed 10th Congressional District Candidate Gary Gerrard. At least, that’s who he wants in the Republican primary. And maybe probably only until the general election.

On his blog
, he said, “I wish my Democratic seal of approval weren’t the kiss of death amongst the more fanatical fringe that is unfortunately the mainstream of the Republican right in 2013. Mr. Gerrard demonstrates a broad depth of knowledge of the issues and a basic understanding of how government actually functions that is sadly lacking in most Republican lawmakers these days.”

Let’s not touch on the idea that much more than ‘a basic understanding of how government actually functions’ is required for public office and evaluate if Mr. Matthews is saying that Gerrard is weak and the nominee from the left, Ken Dious, is capable of beating Gerrard or if Matthews is just having an identity crisis.


  1. John Konop says:


    The GOP needs to be for smart government not no government. If the party does not get its act together soon it will be just a small pocket regional party. As poorly as the democrats are organized in Georgia it will start gaining back blue seats in 2 or more election cycles, unless the GOP gets off the no government page. You are living in the moment…….not seeing the future…..

  2. danmatt says:

    Here is very red Oconee County, you have to vote in the GOP primary and Run Off to effect any change around this area (just like it used to be in Clarke you had to vote in the Democratic primary – no longer however in the now nonpartisan elected Athens). It worked well recently with Doug McKillip losing to Regina Quick, although that is outside of my district. We have had numerous Republican candidates at our Democratic Committee meetings, sometimes up against the GOP meetings across town at the same time. Ultimately it is not about what letter you attach to your name, it is about what you can do for the constituents in your district. I never shied away from addressing Republican gatherings during my campaigns in 2011. Nor did I ever let a chance go by to let to Paul Broun or Ralph Hudgens know enough is enough with their obstructionism. Thank you for the plug of my blog.

  3. danmatt says:

    I would think that Sheldon and Hice should be favored to emerge in a Run Off in the 10th right now, but I would think that Gerrard and Simpson would be the best candidates to actually do well for the people in the congressional district. Simpson has a HQ here in Watkinsville maybe 15 feet from the Courthouse in the most hidden corner.

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