Morning Reads: 23 September 2013

Good Morning everyone. Here’s the news from the weekend.


Georgia Athletes in solidarity for reform of NCAA.
Some local control waning with increased independence of contractor in Chatham County.
One step closer for a stadium we don’t actually need.
If you can get behind the pay-wall, the AJC has a piece about the Ethics Commission, given recent events.
Apparently Paul Broun is one of the most corrupt members of Congress.
100% of murders in the last 20 years are unsolved in Byron.


Since Ben Bernanke is nearing the end of his term, here are 9 Questions you were scared to ask about the Federal Reserve.
Gun Control is coming back. Speaking of which, this is the best reaction to Starbucks’ decision last week.
What’s a RINO?
Russia offers troops to assist in Syria.
Angela Merkel gets another term as Chancellor of Germany.

Alabama v. Colorado State 31-6
Arkansas v. Rutgers 24-28
Auburn v. LSU 21-35
Florida v. Tennessee 31-17
Georgia v. North Texas 45-21
Mississippi State v. Troy 62-7
Missouri Indiana v. 45-28
Texas A&M v. SMU 42-13
Vanderbilt v. Massachusetts 24-7

Everything Else

Braves Win!
The new iPhone has only been out a couple of days but…
30 Reasons to move to Savannah.


    • MattMD says:

      Thank you.

      Like anybody here gives a rat’s ass about most of the SEC. It’s Peach Pundit, not Southeastern USA pundit.

  1. Jon Lester says:

    OK, so Broun’s creative campaign loans might warrant some scrutiny, but is that all they have on him? I often question his reasoning, but I’ve never really taken him for a crook.

  2. Herb says:

    No surprise that Broun is a crook. All those Republicans are crooks. You think I’m crazy? Ok. Tom DeLay? Bob Ney? Duke Cunningham? Nathan Deal? Newt Gingrich? Bernie Madoff? Bernie Ebbers? Ken Lay? Jeffrey Skilling? All crooks.

    And yes, gun control will soon be here to stay. All Obama needs to do is sign the executive order if he plans to do it now. Of course, he can always wait until Democrats have veto-proof majorities in both houses in 2015, as I’m positive they will.

    • saltycracker says:

      Yes and all worshipped, kept in high offices with esteem but we just couldn’t get a President to declare we will do what I want unilaterally with such consistency…..Is the ideal politician Castro ?

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