News from the Opposition

DuBose Porter sent out his first public communique (as far as I know) since becoming DPG chair.

He took time to criticize Governor Deal and Georgia Republicans in light of the recent AJC article about Deal’s ethics.

“The GOP continues to show Georgia their true values,” he said. “[R]eward your friends, attack your critics and never take responsibility for your actions.  Governor Nathan Deal and the Republican Party of Georgia have blamed the AJC and liberals for a report of the facts.  If telling the truth bothers the GOP, then Georgians should add that to this list of troubling facts.”

I think we’re seeing the first of what will be a continued message from Georgia Democrats under Porter’s chairmanship.

For the “troubling facts” go below the fold.

Fact One:  The state ethics commission has repeatedly raised the salary of Deal’s hand-picked leader.


Fact Two:  The same hand-picked leader has been accused of making evidence against Governor Deal’s 2010 campaign activities disappear.


Fact Three:  Governor Deal has yet to explain his REAL PAC investments from companies determined to deny health insurance to hundreds of thousands of Georgians facing sky-rocketing costs and closing hospitals.

Governor Deal and his cronies under the Gold Dome have spent the past decade driving up unemployment, giving tax breaks to their friends and ignoring the needs of our children and working families.  Georgians deserve better – a better explanation, a better leader and a better deal than the one we’ve got today.

Democrats demand an independent investigation into Governor Deal’s unexplained role in the destruction of 2010 campaign documents.  Whether it comes from the GBI or from an independent body – with bi-partisan appointments – Georgia deserves answers to these troubling questions.  The time for tantrums is over.  Now is the time to tell the truth.


  1. Herb says:

    The GA GOP was a much more respectable organ when its faces were Oxendine and Isakson(before he became a Tea Party troll) than they are now with faces like Squeal, Penny, little john, Mighty Casey, and Mark Butler. I relish their upcoming slaughter in 2014.

  2. northside101 says:

    So Herb relishes their “upcoming slaughter” in 2014? Pretty bold prediction for a state that hasn’t backed a Democratic presidential candidate since 1992 (and that by a bare plurality, thanks to Ross Perot), a state that hasn’t elected a Democrat to an open statewide seat since 1998 (remember Roy Barnes?), and whose party lost most statewide races by double-digit percentage margins in 2010. And a state where the Democratic base in rural Georgia has collapsed at the state legislative level as voters there see no difference between a “Georgia Democrat” and an Obama/Biden/Nancy Pelosi national Democrat. Two sides of the same coin…

    • Other side of your other coin – Obama got a higher percentage in Georgia both times than when Bill Clinton won it. I don’t think anyone would argue that Republicans haven’t peaked the question is when do they start their descent and how far will it go. This ethics thing certainly can’t help – might not be enough but if I was a Republican I would spend more time worrying about the future than lecturing about the past.

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    The bigger news story was that of Home Depot cutting workers healthcare.
    Did Mr. Home Depot, Arthur Blank, one of Americas most blessed, get Mayor Reed and the AJC to cover for him getting a big chunk of the Hotel Tax from now own. Guessing its worth $800,000 million income stream forever. Gee how much health care could that have bought?

    The Atlanta Journal should hang their head in shame! But its ok that Mayor Reed did this because he is a friend of President Obama.

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