House Speaker David Ralston Gains A Competitor

Apparently Georgia House of Representatives Speaker David Ralston (R-HD7) has garnered a competitor…but the website, where the story appeared, is lacking details.  Specifically, which party Sam Snider will be seeking the nomination.  Sources are telling us that he’s a Republican, so perhaps more will come to light as time goes on.  Mr. Snider is a high school teacher and wrestling coach at Gilmer County High School.  That’s all the details we have so far.  We’ll update as we get more information.


  1. Herb says:

    Must be a Democrat. Ellijay’s a pretty Hippie town from what I remember, and if Gilmer’s not voting Democrat now, then they soon will be, as they’re verging upon a voting population bomb which will result in Gilmer going the way of Clayton(I was there when then-solid red Clayton’s demographics suddenly flipped around 1990, so I know whereof I speak). Georgia will soon be sky blue again.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      No matter how much, it’s not enough. There’s the Georgia tradition of majority party leadership bankrolling the rank and file, particularly newbys, to sustain, i it’s not needed for a campaign. Check out Atlanta Unfiltered’s “Transparency Project” reports on various legislators for a taste of the magnitude and prevalence of the practice.

  2. northside101 says:

    A review of some voter registration data from last November (Georgia Secretary of State)—district is 96 percent white, only 0.2 percent (less than 1 percent) black. Romney won 80 percent in the district last November (Fannin, Gilmer and part of Dawson Counties) Isakson 79 and Deal 75 in 2010). And HD 7 part of Doug Collins’s 9th CD, the most Republican (percentage) of all congressional districts east of the Mississippi (78 Romney last year). Not promising territory for a Democrat anytime soon—the GOP tradition here goes back so far that in 1968, when most Georgia counties went for George Wallace for president, Gilmer and adjoining Fannin were among the few Georgia counties to go with Nixon. Mountain GOP tradition (parts of north Georgia, east Tennessee, western North Carolina and southwest/Shenandoah Valley of Virginia have had long GOP history.

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