Pictures From the 10th District Debate

The candidates line up

The University of Georgia College Republicans hosted a debate between all six candidates for the 10th District congressional seat being vacated by Paul Broun last night. Charlie and Eric the Younger live tweeted the event, while I was there taking pictures.

Take a look and view some of the comments on each candidate below the fold.

Charles Bullock

Mike Collins

Gary Gerrard

Jody Hice

Eric the Younger and Charlie

Donna Sheldon

Stephen Simpson

Brian Slowinski

After the debate ended, attendees voted in a straw poll on who won. The results:
Stephen Simpson 44, 31%
Jody Hice 28, 20%
Donna Sheldon 26, 18%
Gary Gerrard 16, 11%
Undecided 16, 11%
Mike Collins 8, 6%
Brian Slowinski 5, 3%

10th District voters:
Stephen Simpson 24, 27%
Jody Hice 22, 25%
Donna Sheldon 12, 14%
Gary Gerrard 11, 13%
Mike Collins 7, 8%
Undecided 6, 7%
Brian Slowinski 5, 6%

More tweets from the debate, courtesy of Buzz.


  1. Jon Lester says:

    I guess it’s some consolation that the straw poll is in no way indicative of what primary voters will decide next year. Otherwise, one would feel what’s left of one’s faith in GA-10 voters shaken because so many candidates were perceived to be outperformed by Jody Hice.

  2. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    These days, I have neither the time nor the patience for politics but I will say, Charles Bullock is a master of retoire and a genius in all things politics. I’m sure he did an awesome job moderating. For most on PP, college is a distant, faded memory(no offense)…but if anyone is ever fortunate enough to go school behind the Arch in that small GA town…I highly reccomend taking his class.

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