Morning Reads — Thursday, September 19, 2013

On this day in 1957 was the first-ever underground nuclear explosion.

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. Jon Lester says:

    Rand Paul is absolutely right about mandatory minimum sentences and the societal damage they cause, but that doesn’t mean he’ll get any credit from mainstream media types.

    • saltycracker says:

      Politicians will not address the core problem but tweak existing laws – it’s a career process.
      The core problem in his example is the marijuana laws. But legalizing it, controlling it and taxing it has consequences. Law enforcement has built an empire around drugs.

    • Ellynn says:

      Don’t know about the mainstream but a few of the really liberal media types gave him a shout out for it. Even Lawrance O’Donnell gave him a 10 minute section, called him the most honest politiction of the day and I think he thanked him for quoting the ACLU.

        • Ellynn says:

          I seriously live in a condo complex. I seriously own a pirate flag (It only a small 11 x 17 like thing… ). I could seriously fly it today and during Piratefest without getting a note taped to my door the next morning with a highlighted page of the condo rules (like I did when I flew my Packer flag for three weeks past winning the Superbowl a few years ago).

          Why do you ‘seriously’ inquire?

            • Ellynn says:

              I expect such things from you Ed… After all, you’re a top of the page Pundit… (see what I did there).

              Also you have been missing the food link on your own morning reads and being mean to the Red Hot Chile Peppers (I agree on the rest of your opinon of MM). Two crimes against food like things in one post. What is up with that?

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    You can’t make this poop up:

    More fair and balanced conservative opinion—column title: “Give Back? Yes, It’s Time For The 99% To Give Back To The 1%”

    An excerpt:

    “Here’s a modest proposal. Anyone who earns a million dollars or more should be exempt from all income taxes. Yes, it’s too little. And the real issue is not financial, but moral. So to augment the tax-exemption, in an annual public ceremony, the year’s top earner should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.”

    Who knew the current capitalist system’s compensation of the 1% wasn’t free market, but underpaying the rich even before the travesty of taxation? Yeah, the Forbes job-creatin’ cap’ns of industry deserve our adoration for all they doing for us every day we’re at work.

  3. Three Jack says:

    Deal busted again – unfortunately it is a ‘premium’ story on so no way to link it here. Suffice to say anybody who is shocked by the news hasn’t been paying attention.

    On the bright side, maybe with all the good ol boy shenanigans taking place under the past two ‘Republican’ governors getting publicity, Georgia will finally elect a non-crook the next time.

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