A Peek At The Daily, Governor Deal Edition…

Look there’s no reason for those of you who don’t subscribe to the Peach Pundit Daily to be totally left out of everything the newsletter offers. (Sign up here.) So here’s a quick summary of where everything stands right now with the investigation into the investigation of Governor Deal’s ethics charges:

Greg Bluestein, Aaron Sheinin, and Shannon McCaffrey of the AJC teamed up to dig up allegations that head of the Georgia Ethics Commission Holly LaBerge, had meddled in the investigation and met with top aides to the governor during the original investigation. (Which was over what, again? Wasn’t it some sort of arcane accounting for the campaign’s use of a plane? Seriously, I’ve forgotten. -But I’m sure some commenters are just itchin‘ to remind me.)

Not to be outdone, Jim Walls at Atlanta Unfiltered did an investigative journalistic solo into the matter at his website.

Governor Deal pushed back hard, and bemoaned the descent of the Atlanta Journal Constitution to less-than-fishwrapper status. AJC Editor Bert Roughton pushed back just as hard, and “stands by” the story.

On to the opportunists! David Pennington, Mayor of Dalton who is also running for Governor issued the following statement via email: There is a clear pattern from Nathan Deal: attack and try to discredit the messenger because he can’t defend the message or the facts. Georgia taxes have gone up; our economy is struggling; and we have a Governor distracted from constant, ethical controversies.” (Protip, Mayor Pennington: When attacking, go for the kill. Don’t leave folks asking “And THEN?”)

Finally, the Georgia GOP took a unique approach, and issued their own emailed statement:

Now, in hopes of restoring their political relevance, the same liberals that refused to pass ethics reform while in power are using a story-starved media to launch their baseless, pathetic attacks against conservative leaders that did.  What a joke.

Voters throughout the state of Georgia are proud of what Governor Deal, Speaker Ralston, and the entire Republican Delegation are doing under the Gold Dome to enhance accountability and transparency in state government.  Under their leadership, confidence in government has been restored and a new wave of investment, job creation, and economic development has followed suit. 

While liberals are busy lobbing accusations and insults, we will continue to work together to move Georgia forward; creating a brighter future for generations to come.”

And not to be outdone, State School Superintendent John Barge stated: ““To anyone familiar with the political history of our current Governor there is nothing shocking in today’s allegations against him.  This is yet another reason why Georgia is ranked dead last in public integrity by the Center for Public Integrity. Georgia deserves better and I promise the people of Georgia that this will not be acceptable behavior in my administration.”

There you have it -all the news the print can possibly stand without barfing. You’d have known at least half of that early this morning if you subscribed to the Peach Pundit Daily. So sign up already.


  1. xdog says:

    My recollection is the earlier complaints are essentially the same as those around RealPac, that some of Deal’s cronies directed campaign contributions to other cronies and Deal’s family members.

    Love hearing the standard goper response that it’s the libruls what made them do it.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    It is very unfortunate that the Republican Party of Georgia has decided to abandon any resemblance of ethics. If, where there is smoke, there is no fire, than there is no fear from an independent investigation into the various allegations that have clouded this Governor.

    If he’s done nothing wrong, than Nathan Deal and his aides have nothing to fear and should welcome the opportunity for an open and honest investigation.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Let me add that, what’s happening with this issue, is the greatest threat to honest and transparent government in the state of Georgia. There should be no degree of acceptance for graft and corruption at any level of government. That Deal and Company have gotten away with it this long is beyond my comprehension. Karma is going to be really difficult for these people.

  4. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Today’s biggest winner over the “newest” news from Gov. Crooked Deal, is AG Sam Olens.

    Who’s totally in the right place politically to move his GOV ambitions up by 4 years.

    Lets see… first he investigates slowly with a half dozen press conferences, eventually turns it over to a prosecutor and bingo when the Gov resigns to save his legacy, Olens ever the bashful and seemingly reluctant leader steps in to run for Gov.

    Come on you know Pennigton and Barge won’t ever have the juice no matter when the election is.

  5. Corvid says:

    Look out Holly – there’s a big ol’ bus about to run you over.

    They will hang you out to dry and that, my dear, is the Real Deal.

  6. cheapseats says:

    Georgia is the new Louisiana. We do it better than Louisiana though because we don’t let our Governors go to prison so, they should take a lesson from us, I guess.
    Deal will survive this because Georgia voters don’t care. If he has the “R” and the “I”, he’ll win.
    It was disappointing enough that Deal was probably the best of the “R” candidates last time around because that was a “bottom-of-the-barrel” field. Deal has ethical issues deep and wide – regardless of what is in this particular issue that’s all the talk at the moment. His appointments have been almost all disasters and he is unashamed because it’s his right. Something about needing to know the difference between what you can do and what you should do – seems to escape the Deal administration and what passes for the “leadership” under the Dome.

  7. Three Jack says:

    One expects the typical Deal(crook) response; blame the messenger, attempt to impugn the source. Unfortunately it has worked many times in the past so he will likely skate by on this latest bit of ethically challenged news and continue on to being re-elected.

    But the GOP statement is beyond laughable. One line stands out as the frontrunner for BS assertion of 2013 – “Under their leadership, confidence in government has been restored and a new wave of investment, job creation, and economic development has followed suit.” I challenge any of the GOP party leaders to provide evidence supporting this delusional statement.

  8. troutbum70 says:

    As a Republican, I was disappointed to see this article in the paper yesterday and I hope it turns out to be nothing in the end. Then I remember that Gov. Deal also resigned the night before the ethics investigation was about to proceed against him in DC and it makes me wonder. If any of this holds up, any good that the Governor has been able to produce will be sullied.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      It’s egregious if it’s proven as is alleged that Deal’s office recruited the current Executive Director two months before the former Director and Deputy were fired for budget reasons. Deal needn’t worry though, Georgia’s a forgive and forget state, or is that forget and forgive state.

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