Nepotism in Muscogee County

News from the Daily about Muscogee County.

The Muscogee County School Board appears to have broken a state law Monday night when one of its representatives voted on hiring an immediate family member, but officials say the process is only a formality and doubt that any harm has been done.

Athavia “A.J.” Senior of District 3 didn’t recuse herself from the vote on the consent agenda, which included the hiring of her youngest daughter, Jonai, as an English Language Arts teacher at Fort Middle School.

“I just didn’t know I was supposed to recuse myself,” Senior said Tuesday. She joined the board eight months ago after being elected last year.


If that name rings any bells or sounds vaguely familiar, she made it onto Peach Pundit back in April when she filed an ethics complaint against State Senator Josh McKoon. While she seems to be hoping that ignorance of the law will protect her, Karma may not particularly care.

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