Kennesaw – Where You Must Own A Gun, But You Can’t Smoke A Cigarette

Got to love Kennesaw’s approach to limited government conservatism.  The town made famous for requiring residents to own a gun now doesn’t want you to legally be able to smoke a cigarette anywhere but a private home.  From Hannah Morgan at the Marietta Daily Journal:

The proposal would ban all smoking — cigars, cigarettes and even e-cigarettes — virtually everywhere that people gather, including bars, parks, Laundromats, offices, gaming facilities, within 20 feet of outdoor playgrounds, all sports arenas, stadiums and amphitheaters, bus shelters, restaurants, stores and all educational facilities.

The only place explicitly named in the draft ordinance where smoking would not be regulated is private residences, “unless used as a childcare, adult day care or healthcare facility.”

Smokers caught lighting up would be hit with a fine of up to $50 for each infraction.

Employers who violated the law would be punished with a fine up to $100 on first violation; up to $200 for the second violation within a one-year period and up to $500 for each additional violation within that year.

Note that the law would apply to employers.  Thus, only the private property rights of individuals in residences are protected, but those of businesses – even those that would be owned by sole proprietors with no employees or if a small business owner wanted to smoke after hours.

Chalk another one up to the local nanny state.  Kennesaw Republicans, I do not think “limited government” means what you think it means.



  1. DeKalb Wonkette says:

    Very bad idea! Nicotine fits can make a person trigger happy. And what do they have against e-cigarettes? I haven’t touched tobacco in 18 mos because I now vape instead. Who is the vapor hurting?

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