Hello from the Newest Front Page Contributor

Hello everyone.  I’m Jon Richards, and as the newest Peach Pundit contributor, I suppose I should provide some background information.

Actually, you may already be familiar with me, or at least my work.  I’m an amateur photographer, and I’ve spent a lot of time at GOP and other events taking pictures.  Quite a few are on Facebook, including on the pages of at least two Senatorial candidates, several county GOP pages and many profile pictures.  I expect you might see some of my pictures on Peach Pundit in the future.

After moving to Atlanta in 1980, I spent 17 years doing marketing and quality control for two software companies.  In 2002, I went out on my own, doing websites and search engine optimization for local businesses.

I got involved in politics back in 2003 when Mike Beaudreau decided to run for Gwinnett County Commissioner, and I innocently volunteered to create a website for him.  Before I knew it, I was writing press releases, going door to door, and providing campaign strategy. 

Since then, I’ve worked on several other campaigns, including Gary Black for Agriculture Commissioner and Karen Handel for Governor, all on a volunteer basis.  In 2012, I was paid to be the Gwinnett County coordinator for Citizens for Transportation Mobility, which failed to convince Atlanta area voters to support the TSPLOST.

I held leadership positions with the Gwinnett County Republican party from 2009 trough 2013.  I still maintain their website and Facebook page.  I’m also a big supporter of the Georgia Association of College Republicans, donating money and developing their new website.

So that’s my background.  Or most of it.  I’ve also practiced journalism, as an amateur in high school and college, and as a pro for a few years in radio before moving to Atlanta.

Thanks to Charlie for letting me have this opportunity.


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