Happy Birthday To The Constitution, And…

So the Constitution turned 224 today, but it doesn’t look a day over 40.  For all the newly minted “Constitutional Scholars” our there that want to bring us back to the “original intent of the founders”, let’s also remember that their original intent was captured in the Articles of Confederation, which was snuffed out at the young age of 12.

Also having a birthday today according to Facebook, Nels Peterson, Georgia’s Solicitor General.  He’s a bit younger than the Constitution, but can quote it freely.  Don’t challenge him on it, or he’ll go all Federalist Society on you.  Happy Birthday Nels.

And, perhaps a bit too late to help this year, we would like to remind Dr. Jay Melvin that today is the birthday of his beautiful bride Tricia, who has turned 29 yet again.  Jay remains a lucky man…so long as he remembered.  Happy birthday Tricia.

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