The DPG Election Might Not Be Over

UPDATE 10:02 As noted by Big Boss Icarus, Hizzoner Mayor Reed disputes the story.

Oh Georgia Democrats…your ability to effectively govern and run things is truly remarkable.

Witness the latest example. The Labor Day weekend election of DuBose Porter as chair might be voided.

Jim Galloway reports:

Former state lawmaker and candidate for governor DuBose Porter, who was elected chairman by the state committee on Aug. 31, confirmed Sunday that a senior advisor to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has put in a request to review the ballots cast.

Porter said the request, made by Reed aide Michael Sterling, has been handed over to the party’s secretary and attorney. One possible objective: An attempt to void the 30 state committee appointments of interim chair Nikema Williams, who assumed temporary leadership of the party upon the resignation of Mike Berlon in June. Voiding those votes could throw into question Porter’s Labor Day weekend election.




    • Toxic Avenger says:

      Then Mayor Reed should tell Mr. Sterling to rescind his request to inspect the ballots.

      There are two reasons to inspect these ballots:

      1) To challenge the results. Just to note, DuBose Porter was elected by unanimous consent. So good luck there.

      2) To note the names of individuals who dared not to vote with Kasim Reed, perhaps for intimidation.

      If it is in fact #2, I would consider that a far larger sin than #1.

  1. To be fair, this sounds more like the crazy going-ons of the various Republican parties in the state and what seems like almost constant fighting. Maybe this is the first step to being in charge of everything?

    • Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

      I’m thankful for that post at BfD, since there was a shocking amount of mis information being reported by “lame stream media”.

      The comments by a possibly drunk Democratic PR person were telling, and hilarious.

      The GOP has it’s Clown cars, but we have the circus tent… hey maybe more in common than you’d think.

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