Tonight On The Kudzu Vine

I’ll be joining my well intentioned but misguided progressive friends David McLaughlin, Catherine Smith, and Tim Shiflett to discuss…I’m not sure.  And I haven’t slept much this weekend with pulling an almost all nighter at the Atlanta BBQ cookoff, then heading up to Zeb’s in Danielsville for the Peach Pundit BBQ tour (Great stew), then back to Atlanta for a birthday party.  Somehow a Falcons game got thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, without sleep I have no idea what these guys may get me to say.  Probably something like “Take John Barge…please!” or “Of course I understand the strategy for nominating Connie Stokes. It’s called ‘saving your money until 2018.'”  If you want to hear it first, tune in here at 7pm.  Or, the same link will work later for a podcast.


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