House Caucus Elections – Ramsey Wins Whip; Matt Hatchett Takes Caucus Chairman

As mentioned earlier, there are three positions being filled by the GOP leadership today in the House Chambers.

First word leaking out of the chamber, courtesy of veteran Capitol reporter Tom Crawford (and H/T to Griftdrift for spotting this), is that Peachtree City’s Matt Ramsey has defeated Jay Powell of Camilla for the position of Majority Whip.

Noon: Second ballot is between Buzz Brockway and Matt Hatchett for Caucus Chairman.

12:15: Hatchett takes Chair on 2nd Ballot

1:00ish: vice chair going to final ballot between Teasley and Tankersly.

Final Results:  Matt Ramsey wins Majority Whip 72-40 over Jay Powell.

Buzz Brockway led the first ballot (47) over Matt Hatchett (45) and Buddy Hardin (18); But ultimately lost to Hatchett 63-47 on the second ballot for Caucus Chairman.

Sam Teasley defeated Jan Tankersly 59-51 for Caucus Vice-Chair.


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