Congressman Tom Price To Be On Fox News Sunday

Tune in on Sunday or set your DVRs  (or your VCRs if you have them) for Fox News Sunday at 2p or 6p on Fox News (or you can check your local listings).  Congressman Tom Price (R-GA-06) will be a guest to debate the continuing resolution and Obamacare with Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD):


  1. KingRichard says:

    Tom Price did reasonably well I would call it Par. Wish he would stand up and fight stronger and harder. Whatever we can do to Derail, Defund, Delay, Remove, Rewrite the ACA we must do. I love being called a right wing extremist fanatical for supporting the Constitution, Bill of Rights… why are Liberals never called Liberals on GMA, FTN? Liberals support all this debt, Part-time Jobs, high unemployment, dependence on welfare, a weak and feckless nation, unending Government Programs…they are never called radicals, Liberals, extremists…Look at where we are and what we have become…

    I love Friday afternoon at 5, it is awesome. And the Government Shuts down, don’t believe me try calling the EPA after 5 any day of the week, Government also shuts down every Holiday they possibly can. Amazingly, water still runs, lights still go on and off, Air Travel goes on, traffic lights work, hospitals serve patients, the air is still good, the police will still serve and protect, fire personnel still put out fires, Social Security Checks are still sent out, welfare still goes on…

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Please do stand up and take GOP/Conservative ownership of the results of a government shut down or refusal to raise the debt ceiling.

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