An “Official Arizona GOP Body” Rebukes Senator John McCain

In spite of Senator John McCain being the Republican standard bearer in 2008 against now President Barack Obama, Senator McCain probably isn’t on the Christmas card lists of Republicans across the nation…especially in Georgia. Apparently he’s irked enough of his fellow Republicans in his home state. Specifically, the 26th Legislative District of Arizona….and I’m not talking about Congressional Districts. This is a state legislative district Republican Party in Arizona. Anyway, this Republican Party voted 24-13 with 4 abstentions to officially rebuke the senior U.S. Senator from Arizona on his unilateral negotiations with the Senate Majority Leader on nominations to posts made by the President and undermining the Senate Republican leadership.

This certainly made national news by showing up on Drudge with a link to Breitbart. Breitbart also makes a note that there are other Republicans in Arizona who aren’t too fond of Senator McCain. So, then you have a blogger from the Phoenix New Times who tries to shrug this off as just a couple of cantankerous Republicans from a very liberal legislative district and that folks don’t really have to pay attention to the resolution they passed…because 1.) the reason for the rebuke aren’t really that “sexy” and 2.) they’re not really how most Arizona Republicans are.  Well, that may be, but I know we have Republican Parties organized in liberal areas of Georgia, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less meaningful than Republicans from more conservative areas of the state.  If anything, that should send a message to Senator McCain saying that Republicans in a more liberal legislative district aren’t too thrilled with his actions of “going it alone” as it were….even if he is a Maverick.

Now, I would say that this resolution probably won’t carry as much weight as if it would had it been from either a congressional district or state Republican Party level, and the Senator will probably just ignore it and move along, but it could spark other chatter across Arizona Republicans.

Swinging the focus to Georgia, what say you?  Should Republican Parties across the state start taking a more active role in condemning Republican elected officials when they don’t adhere to party platforms? (the Georgia Republican Party currently does not have a state platform)  Will elected officials actually listen to resolutions drafted chastising them?

Oh, how about one further, should our Republican Parties across the state praise elected officials when they do something “good”?  Of course, in our day and age, it seems like we have multiple conservative groups differing on what is “good” and “bad” legislation.  Who shall be the arbiter of good and bad legislation?  Discuss this and make nominations in the comments.  We’ll have a #quorum call in a few hours.  I hope there will be calls for #division.  We’ll relive our experiences at the 2013 Georgia Republican State Convention all over again.


  1. Toxic Avenger says:

    I think this will make absolutely no waves whatsoever and is probably the least newsworthy story of the day. A local legislative district voted in a far from unanimous fashion to “rebuke” a sitting United States Senator? Whoop de doo.

  2. xdog says:

    McCain is way past his expiration date but come on. Condemning him for ‘unilaterally’ negotiating with Reid, for voting for Obama’s choice for EPA head? If they get any more in lockstep in Arizona they’ll be marching in the parking lot.

    I’m sure McCain would prefer that everyone in AZ loved him but I doubt he’s runs in 2016 regardless. If those irate gopers are serious they should line up behind Brewer or Sheriff Joe or Quayle’s kid for that happy future day when McCain leaves.

  3. KingRichard says:

    It is time for the Maverick to retire…We the People have had an ass full of him.

    Same to his Same Sex Senator buddy in South Carolina….Get out!

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    If the phrase “Senate Republican leadership” hasn’t already followed what happened in the House and become an oxymoron, it’s well on its way.

  5. Jon Richards says:

    Everyone seems to be missing Nathan’s point, which is whether a local GOP organization should support or condemn a Republican elected official. I’m assuming that a legislative district party is roughly equivalent to a county party in Georgia.

    Should a county party cast judgment on an a Republican who is elected to office, or should it support every elected Republican, and let voters decide whether that person is the right one for the job? I understand the grassroots wants to have its voice heard, but not all Republicans are part of the grassroots. I would say the job of the local Republican party is to build enthusiasm for the GOP and its candidates and elected officials no matter who they are. The voters will decide.

    • Jon Lester says:

      Georgia Democrats could sure do a better job of that. This time around, they want to act like there is no primary for the Senate race, that there is “none but Nunn” for the nominee. Other times, like the 2012 GA-10 race, they didn’t bother to run anyone at all.

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