Karen Handel Attacks Michelle Nunn Over Support for Syria Strikes

Last week, Democratic candidate for Senate Michelle Nunn announced her support for the President’s plan to conduct limited strikes on Syria in response to their use of chemical weapons on non-combatants including children and even babies. Polling at the time showed weak support for the President’s plan, but Nunn seeks to pick up the muscular use of American force around for world that her father, Sam Nunn, advocated when he represented Georgia in the Senate.

The Peach Pundit Daily called it an “unforced error”, and as the everyone backs away from the President’s plan, it seems the hive-mind behind PPD was right.

Karen Handel has stepped up with a radio ad criticizing Nunn’s support. This is wise as drawing a distinction between herself and the other Republican candidates isn’t nearly as easy as between herself and Nunn. The text follows:

The greatest responsibility of government is the decision to use military force.

This is Karen Handel — I’m running for U.S. Senate – and on military intervention in Syria, there is a clear difference between Democrat Michelle Nunn and me.

Michelle Nunn said she would vote for direct American military intervention – even with no imminent threat to our national security.

But President Obama has failed to make the case.

His foreign policy is a disaster.

On Syria, the President is virtually incoherent – lacking consistency and failing to articulate clear goals.

No wonder most Georgians – and Americans – oppose the costs of an intervention in Syria’s civil war.

Yet Michelle Nunn continues to support this.

Generally this would be done with a press release, but Handel wanted to guarantee coverage so she put some money behind it. Her gambit will likely pay off.

Michelle Nunn’s staff is all DSCC, and as such it will be difficult to distance herself from Harry Reid and the President – but she should stick to high-minded statements about the proactive use of American strength rather than support for specific operations.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    A senior GaGOP official recently remarked on birds of a feather. Its bodes ill for the Handel campaign that it’s easier for Handel’s campaign to distinguish Handel from Nunn than a loon.

  2. cheapseats says:

    Oh, please! Would you really vote for Karen Handel? I’m not saying vote for Nunn. Handel isn’t leadership material any more than Nathan Deal (I almost wrote Sonny Deal without catching myself).

    The Republicans really need to give the voters better choices or we’ll end up with something like Ralph Hudgens. I actually used to believe that any Republican could do better than the Dems – I was an idiot.

  3. Noway says:

    It’s just way too early for someone to be airing ads like this. What a waste of money. It’s good to be a consultant, I guess.

  4. northside101 says:

    Odd to be attacking Michelle Nunn when she (Handel) hasn’t, uh, yet sealed the GOP nomination, which is a certainty to go to a runoff next summer. Handel must think she is a sure bet to win the nomination, so hey, lets get on with the general election…

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