Boehner Did Not Give Barr a “Blessing”

Jonathan Strong has the details. Bob Barr had claimed that Speaker John Boehner gave him “his blessing” for his congressional run in the 11th.

That was a surprise to Georgia’s congressional delegation.

One of them spoke to National Review and gave this quote:

“It’s up to the steering committee, and Bob Barr left the party. And now he’s coming back, saying, ‘here I am, I want all my seniority and all back.’ You know, I don’t see the steering committee bending over backwards to accommodate him,” says a current Georgia congressman, who asked that his name not be used.

Lynn Westmoreland was willing to go on the record that Barr would get his seniority back, but would be behind anyone who has been there in the past eight years. Jeff Breedlove, however, stands by the claims that Speaker Boehner has “privately assured Barr he would help him secure his previous committee assignments.”

Of course, there is a difference between getting back on old committees and getting back seniority.


  1. bulldawg11 says:

    It’s really petty the other Ga members would go after him like that. Didn’t they work together? No common courtesy. This would be like Ralston going after Loudermilk or Lindsey.

    • TheEiger says:

      Do you not remember him leaving the party and running against the Republican nominee? Did you have anything bad to say about him then? Or how about when he wrote the defense of marriage act, then ran as a libertarian and said he was wrong and now he is full circle and said he was wrong to be against the defense of marriage act? Well, which is it?

      • bulldawg11 says:

        Yes, Barr has switched his stance on several issues. No one is denying that. My concern is that if he comes out of this primary as the Republican Nominee what kind of relationship he’ll have with the rest of the house delegation if there already taking shots at him.

    • benevolus says:

      Common courtesy? Isn’t he basically asking that some other member of a committee be kicked off so he can get his old seat back? That’s not very courteous.

    • “come forward and debate”??

      Shoot, Breedlove is ready to throw down.

      “Breedlove is incensed that a sitting Georgia congressman would take anonymous shots at his boss’s campaign about the likelihood of Barr’s getting back his committee assignments, calling the comments the act of a “coward” and challenging the lawmaker to come to the monthly meeting of the Cobb County Republican party to talk over the matter face-to-face.”

      I hear he used to be Golden Gloves or have a black belt in jujitsu, taekwondo, hai karate or something.

  2. Nick Chester says:

    Does it hurt Georgia to have Barr get some seniority back? That’s like your wife getting in front of the grocery line, right? Helps the whole family out? Just asking.

    • John Konop says:

      Would it be not if you remarried your x wife… line….? It was his old district…….left it for what he thought was a better deal….and has come back for a second shot. 🙂

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