Jim Eyre And The Fickle Finger…

Tim Darnell submitted the following interesting tidbit from Brookhaven. For those who don’t know, Tim is a writer, editor and author, whose political analysis has appeared on WGST, C-SPAN, AllNews 106.7 and other media outlets.

Brookhaven Councilman Gives Resident ‘the Finger’

A startling exchange took place during the Aug. 27, 2013, Brookhaven City Council meeting, when a local resident told his councilman to “Wake Up!,” only to be flipped off a few seconds later. 

Ashford Park resident Ronnie Mayer, who was called the ‘mayor of Brookhaven’ long before the community became a city and elected J. Max Davis as its official leader, was pleading with the council to give up its controversial lawsuit against the Pink Pony.

The council has passed an ordinance prohibiting sexually oriented businesses from serving alcohol within city limits, but has since decided against enforcing the regulations until a ruling from DeKalb County Superior Court.

Mayer has repeatedly objected to the ordinance, arguing the city should be spending its money on hiring more police and maintaining its newly acquired parks, instead of legal fees associated with the ordinance.

“The money we’re spending on this makes me want to throw up,” Mayer said during the Aug. 27 meeting. “This is going to be a beautiful city, and if y’all will just leave this alone and stop wasting our money on this crap …”

In a video of the meeting, at around the 2:13 mark, Mayer said, “Jim! Wake up! Don’t go to sleep on me there … OK, just want to make sure you’re awake …”

Jim Eyre, who represents Mayer in District 2, then appears to give Mayer the finger a few seconds later.

“Ronnie and I are longtime friends and he has been a strong supporter of mine since the first days of my initial campaign for city council,” Eyre said. “The gesture was intended to be the continuation of an ongoing joke between us and was certainly not intended to be disrespectful to Ronnie, the residents of Brookhaven and/or the Council.  

“If it was taken as such by anyone, then I certainly apologize for my actions.”

You can check out the video for yourself here, the exchange is about 30 seconds after the video starts:

Mayer is known to be a strong supporter of Eyre, who is running unopposed for reelection in this year’s Brookhaven municipal election.


  1. brookvoter says:

    Not sure why councilman Eyre thinks the lame “if I offended, I’m sorry” is effective here. No one was laughing when it happened and the community is talking about it. The citizen was being a little edgy as well. It is low class and kids should be able to observe or attend our city council meetings without this low brow behavior from an elected official in our new city. Can’t believe the Brookhaven Post buried this.

    • Stefan says:

      Whenever you make districts smaller and create smaller government divisions out of larger ones, you are going to get less quality people in those positions. This is the downside of local control – less professional and skilled people making the decisions.

      • Ghost of William F Buckley says:

        Stefan I do not know you and am not usually prone to personal attacks – AND your comment is total nonsense.

        At issue, is the larger concern of redeveloping the area by removing downward price pressures hootchie-cootchie bars exude. Tough nuts, B-Haven, the Pink Pony, like Israel, has a right to exist. They will win this suit, and your citizens have every right demand you stay awake, listen and hear their views about spending money on a foolish errand.

        Girl Power.

        Mr. Mayer is a plain-speaking guy that is about as shy as Charlie extolling the virtues of BBQ.

        The Councilman made an amateurish mistake, apologized, and will need to take his licks, unacceptable behavior. But, this has nothing to do with smaller communities lacking professionalism or skill sets required for effective local focus.

        Mr. Eyre, growing up is hard to do… but you took your swats …

        Everyone else, move along, nothing to see here.

  2. brookvoter says:

    Mr. Mayer is a complete boor and he was being disrespectful to a councilman in a public meeting. Don’t be so sure Pony wins the suit as there is zero precedence for a strip club winning a suit like this and plenty of precedence the other way. They may win by grinding down the will of the council (Eyre is probably strongest supporter of the ordinance).
    Eyre, by the way, was an activist on the board of the No City campaign.
    I don’t think Eyre has taken his swats as of yet as this was published yesterday and the video is making its rounds now.

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