DeKalb Ethics Board Has Ethics But No Money

Story above courtesy of WSB-TV. Richard Belcher has done a lot of reporting on DeKalb ethics, but really, that could be its own beat.

Above, a member of the board of ethics speaks out on the limitations placed upon the board by the lack of money.


  1. Spacey G says:

    Let’s recap! No ethics money, no ethics lawyers, no ethics track record/paper trail, no ethics period to be found anywhere in DeKalb County? And this is news in what way?

    • John Ernst says:

      Hi Grayson,
      I’ve been with the DeKalb Ethics Board for less than two months. During that time, I’ve learned a lot about the lack of county funding and attention. In the wake of the Burrell Ellis indictment and release of the grand jury report, we now have a real opportunity for reform.

      Now would be our chance to set up a functional Ethics Board that will have a lasting impact. We shall see if the Board of Commissioners and Interim CEO are committed to ethics reform and are willing to adequately fund the board. We need investigators, court reporters and much, much more.

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