Handel, Gingrey Volley over “Obamacare” For Congress

Karen Handel has been taking issue with Congressional members and staff over their inclusion and use of employer provided heathcare insurance under the Affordable Care Act.  Today, she announced the end of her 42 day “Only in Washington” campaign with a billboard targeted at the issue:



Phil Gingrey, in a not so direct response has just suggested the “No Special Treatment for Congress” Act.  His press release is as follows.  Y’all debate in the comments what any of this means.

Gingrey introduces “No Special Treatment for Congress” Act

Rep. Phil Gingrey, M.D., today introduced No Special Treatment for Congress Act, H.R. 3071, which reverses the Obamacare exemption for Members of Congress and their staffs. The rule, issued by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), allows the federal government to continue subsidizing employee health care while enrolled in an exchange. Other Americans enrolled in exchanges are not permitted to receive employer subsidies.

“This is yet another example of the Obama administration changing the law for political gain,” Gingrey said. “This carve-out is unfair to the American people and  must be reversed. Between increased health care costs, scores of missed deadlines and political handouts to friends, this is further proof that Obamacare must be repealed.”

Gingrey, along with Sens. David Vitter (R-LA), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla), sent a letter to OPM questioning the legality of the rule and asking that it be rescinded.


  1. So of all the many problems of Obamacare (and I say that as a supporter of the law) this super niche one is the only one these two bozos will propose legislation to fix?

    What a joke.

  2. radix023 says:

    I’m missing the part where Gingrey says his office will reject the exemption/subsidy regardless of the outcome of HR 3071. Too cute by half.

  3. benevolus says:

    Wow, what a group! It sounds like the beginning of a joke: A Mormon, a Catholic, a john, a Delta Kap, and a medieval physician walk into a bar…

    • benevolus says:

      Yeah, that DeSantis was a lawyer for the SEAL teams. Does that means he could kick your a$$ and make you pay HIM damages?

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