Believe It Or Not: Other Stuff Goes On In Washington Besides Syria, Fiscal Cliff, Obamacare, Etc.

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA-09) sent out a presser today about something other than the goings on with foreign policy, Obamacare, the budget, the debt ceiling, and gridlock in general.  The Congressman sent a letter to the director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service on the trout hatcheries maintained by the FWS:

Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) this week sent a letter to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service requesting detailed information about FWS’s longterm plans for the trout mitigation hatcheries across the Southeast, including the Chattahoochee Forest National Fish Hatchery in Fannin County.

Fish and Wildlife Service hatcheries, which were created to restore the natural habitats of environments impacted by hydropower, have grown in economic significance over the past several decades because they can create trout populations that bolster local tourism and business. While Congress has appropriated funds for the management of FWS hatcheries, the service has indicated that these funds may not be used for this purpose.

In addition to today’s letter, Congressman Collins said:

“We talk a lot about holding the federal government accountable, and this is one of those times when that has a direct impact on the economy and success of our region. If the federal government is going to abandon the operation of these hatcheries, we deserve to know now so we can do what we in Georgia do best—find a local solution.”

The letter, which can be seen here, presents five questions for FWS management about the future of the hatcheries, ranging from plans for closures to the degree to which the service will cooperate with states who are capable of taking over hatchery operations.



  1. benevolus says:

    Something smells.. well.. something smells funny about this. How would he even be aware of this? Someone brought it to his attention. Who was that? Maybe just normal business or trade group, but it would be interesting to see who.
    Also, this kind of goes against his natural instinct doesn’t it? Protecting federal expenditures? You would think he would be all gung ho to cut the money and let the market fix it.

    I still say he’s running for a leadership position. Writing the occasional strongly worded letter is a good way to raise the profile. I mean, he wouldn’t do it just for the halibut.

    • Native Gwinnettian says:

      I heard about this a few months ago from a friend who fishes a lot up that way. Apparently they’ve been planning this for a while.

      I think the Corps of Engineers and Tennessee Valley Authority are required to pay for the hatcheries ever since they dammed the streams in the 50s. If they’re required to keep paying for them anyways, I’d rather see the state run them than the feds.

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