Morning Reads for Friday, September 6, 2013

– Politico notices an AJC article from a year ago, asserting that Georgia’s Voter ID law did NOT (gasp!) suppress the minority vote.
– Corruption and Forsyth city council members
– Road trip! Clarke County DA wants an imported jury for Jamie Hood trial.
Georgia and the (un)ACA.

– What were YOU doing back in 1987? (Hint: I was having a baby, and some of you might have met her at a PP soiree.)
– Go ahead ….they already know everything about you anyway.
– Funny thing, those internetz, they never forgetz.
The new civility.
– Where’s Admiral Akbar when you need him?
– Bubba’s telling fibs again.

Random Everywhere:
– Dear Lawd, anybody can get on TV these days.
– The IRS Scandal, Day 119.
– And they reach even deeper into your pockets
– Forget that paper mache volcano! Here’s how to win the science fair.


  1. Noway says:

    Looked at the front page of USA Today. More NSA revelations. I know we need protecting from potential terrorist threats but where’s the balance with the 4th Amendment? This is beginning to bother me more.

  2. Noway says:

    Also, more personal data was lost by the Dept of Employment. Does anyone here use Lifelock or any similar data protection service and do you like it?

  3. Jon Lester says:

    I read that dumb thing about Putin’s trap yesterday. The author is completely overlooking the interests of our own decidedly undemocratic client states in the Persian Gulf, none of whom are supporting Syrian rebels for sake of “freedom” or “democracy.”

  4. Harry says:

    From Political Outcast:

    In 2005 then Senator Obama grilled Ambassador John Bolton regarding Syria. Bolton was trying to warn us of Syria’s progress in developing WMD and that they would pose a threat to the Middle East region and beyond. Obama accused Bolton of “pushing the envelope” and “seeking to have intelligence conform to your views and that is not good for America’s national security.” Sen. Obama then stated, “with respect to assessments of threats in Syria . . . we can’t afford to cry wolf. When we say there is a threat, people have to believe us.” He went on to compare it to the overstatement of Iraq’s WMD program. Lest we forget, every intelligence service in the world was convinced of Iraq’s WMD program, which resulted in Bush’s coalition. In 2007, then Senator Joe Biden speaking of Syria was all for, “diplomacy, which is not about paying a price but finding a way to protect our interests without engaging in military conflict.” In March of 2011 then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking on CBS’s “Slay the Nation,” said, “We (the Obama administration) deplore the violence in Syria . . . during this period of Arab awakening.” Bob Schieffer then asked Hillary why we don’t do something about Syria? He explained that after all, Assad has killed thousands of his own people. Hillary explained, “They may, if there were a coalition of the international community, if there were a passage of a Security Council resolution and a call by the Arab League.” So let’s see . . . that would be a no, no, and no. She went on to say that many believe Assad is a reformer.

  5. Romegaguy says:

    And no mention of the attempt by a couple members of the PSC trying to use fines collected to fund a nonprofit that they have ties to?

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