Morning Reads — Thursday, September 5, 2013

On this day in 1774, the First Continental Congress convened. Delegates (56 total)  from every colony were present, except Georgia.


Jimmy Carter

I did not feel like talking about Sweet Tea today.

Liberty Drum


  1. saltycracker says:

    IRS withholding on restaurant groups – the media says the new IRS ruling is unfair to employees who dodge taxes….then there are gratuities collected in credit/ debit card charges ? 🙂

    “…a potential financial hit for waiters and waitresses who live on their tips but don’t always report them fully”

    We can move to the European plan to “resolve” this – gratuity included.

  2. benevolus says:

    Speaking of Wikipedia, I found this under the Workman’s Compensation entry. I thought it was mildly humorous:

    “In the professional field, it’s rural that you follow “ethics” at some private colleges, professionalism is keen. Breach of identifiable information could lead to claim lawsuits. Unrecorded information may be a loss, therefore the standard HIPAA, EHR, EMR, hard files are important in today’s medical records system. Some physicians might not grasp that paper files are still popular, and are still being used. In coding, not to be alarmed-are readily available in the market. Small medical clinics opt out using the steps for insurance claims, but miss out. Workman’s compensation is very much connected to the COBRA standard, which some non-businesses may not understand.”

  3. SmyrnaModerate says:

    Gotta love the AJC deciding that the Fulton county airport, which is north of I-20 and due west of the city is somehow in “south Fulton county.” But we will take any new jobs where we can find them!

  4. achap39 says:

    This makes the 11th such jobs announcement from the Governor since May 1, bringing in approx. 3,760 jobs to Georgia. Of those, a whopping FIFTY jobs (or 1.3% of all ‘major announcements’) have been anywhere south of the I-20 corridor.

    Nothing in Columbus. Nothing in Augusta. Nothing in Macon. Nothing in Albany. Nothing in Valdosta.

    As always, thanks for forgetting the rest of us exist, Governor!

  5. Chris says:

    ” Delegates (56 total) from every colony were present, except Georgia.”

    The GA Delegation was stuck in traffic on I85

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