AFP Freedom Conference In Georgia This Saturday

Americans For Prosperity will be holding a conference this Saturday and next right here in Georgia. Details are as follows:

Georgia Freedom Conferences – Freedom Lives In GA! – Saturday, September 7th and 14th

Join grassroots movers and shakers from your own community for a half day conference full of brainstorming, expert panels and strategy sessions for promoting economic and educational freedom around Georgia! Join us for actionable intelligence that can help you tackle issues like Georgia Tax Reform, ObamaCare and Common Core and make Georgia a jobs machine that provides the model for the rest of the Country on a way out of our economic malaise! It’s time to move! Speakers include ALEC’s Jonathan Williams (author Rich States, Poor States), Mike Daugherty (author, The Devil Inside The Beltway) and over half a dozen breakout sessions with experts panelists!

Register at – Tickets $15 Adult, $10 Student, $40 Family of 4

Breakout Session Topics Include:
The Change Is YOU: How To Get Involved In The School Choice Movement In GA
Jump Start GA’s Jobs Machine: Pro Growth Tax Reform
Growing An Educated Workforce: Business Community Meets Education Reformers
Keeping GA Competitive Blueprint
Rotten To The Core: Common Core, What It Is, How To Fight It
ObamaCare 2014 Countdown: The Georgia Survival Guide

Conference Series Panelists Include:
Andrew Lewis; Executive Vice President, GA Charter Schools Association
Danielle LeSure, PhD.; Director of Education Policy at Georgia Center for Opportunity
Nancy Jester, Former DeKalb Co School Board Member and Education Blogger
Dr. Christine Ries; Professor of Economics at Ga Tech
Gene Key; Public Policy Expert at Georgians For Fair Taxation
Benita Dodd, Vice President, GA Public Policy Foundation
Virginia Galloway, State Director, Americans For Prosperity Foundation-GA
Melvin Everson, Director of Georgia EEOC
Joel Aaron, Communications Director, Americans For Prosperity Foundation-GA
Danny Jett, Co-Founder of Main Street Solutions, banking expert
Tanya Ditty, President of Concerned Women of America Legislative Action Committee
Dr. Hal Scherz, MD-President Founder Docs4PatientCare,
Dr. Brian Hill, urologist Docs4PatientCare
Jonathan Williams, ALEC, co-author of Rich States, Poor States
Michael J Daugherty, author The Devil Inside The Beltway


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    Translation for those that don’t speak AFP.

    Breakout Session Topics Include:

    Voucherizing Education In GA
    Tax Cuts for GA’s Rich
    Business Community Support of Public Education: APS, a case study
    Keeping Workers In Their Place: Stupid and Subservient to the Chamber
    A National Curriculum and Its Benchmarking: Who Needs It When GA Education Leads the Nation
    Leveraging Funds: $4.5B In State Funds Isn’t Worth $33B in Federal Funding to Insure Millions for 10 Years Isn’t Worth It.

  2. benevolus says:

    Get in line to get your money. Here’s how it works.

    (Dateline, Wisconsin)
    Last week, (it was) reported that a small GOP lobby shop tied to the Tea Party and David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity group was awarded a $500,000 grant in a backdoor, sweetheart deal cooked up by ALEC leadership in the State Legislature and sanctioned by the Walker administration.

    The United Sportsmen of Wisconsin Foundation was the only applicant for a newly-created grant to promote hunting, fishing, and trapping in the state, despite the organization having no record in outdoors training. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the grant was slipped into the budget bill by outgoing Majority Leader Scott Suder with terms that excluded most sporting groups in the state. The grant was not properly advertised, conveniently leaving United Sportsmen as the sole applicant.

    The United Sportsmen representative couldn’t be bothered to show up at last week’s committee hearing (joining by phone) and couldn’t answer basic questions, prompting one committee member to say that the “whole deal just doesn’t smell right.” One Wisconsin Now uncovered a loophole in the bill regarding the group’s tax status and later United Sportsmen apologized for misleading legislators into thinking it was a tax-exempt charity.

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