Ed Brings Morning Reads Then Hops On An Airplane And Buzz Takes Over

Ed sent us the following email: “Im running late for a flight I have about 5 links for mrs in there and its set to publish. unsure if ill have time at the lounge to add.if any one wants to fill er out feel free.” Well, he didn’t have time to finish up in the lounge, so Buzz is taking over.

From Ed:

Four more episodes of “Breaking Bad.”

Variations Brillantes for recorder and piano by Ernst Krahmer. (Probably the only place you can easily find this piece.)

From Buzz:

– A sick man commits suicide which provides “progressive” Zaid Jilani the opportunity he’s been waiting for to go after the TEA Party and Governor Deal. Last night our very own Mike Hassinger had had enough:

– From the Daily (subscribe here):

Porter Gets Elected Saturday, ‘Grows In Office’ On Tuesday. At 10:48 AM Tuesday morning Project Q Atlanta announced that Georgia Democrats had elected a “gay marriage bigot” as Party Chair. By 5:04 PM, all was well again as Porter said his hatin’ days are over. “My opinion on marriage equality has evolved like most everyone else’s in the country. People need the right to marry who they love. Period.”

– Also from the Daily (subscribe here):

The Dangers Of Overreacting To a UGA Loss: “Tyler in Atlanta” literally weeps for a UGA loss. (Audio.) This ain’t beanbag, Tyler, this is the SEC. Losing is part of playing. Man up.

John Barge tells Martha Zoller he’s been courted by some Democrats. Let’s see, word of his pending campaign hits the press on the Friday afternoon before Labor Day, his web folks misspell Governor during the rollout, and now he tells Republicans that Democrats thought he be better off running as a Dem. It’s been a bad couple of days for the Barge campaign.

If you think today’s edition of Morning Reads were awesome, thank me. If not, blame Ed.

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  1. Noway says:

    Ariel Castro found hanged in his prison cell. Best news heard this am. Where can I send a donation to the defense fund of the guard who helped?

    • johnl says:

      not so sure about that…. the news about Nidal Hasan being forcibly shaved at Ft. Leavenworth was pretty darn good.

  2. Toxic Avenger says:

    Buzz, I just want to clarify something for you. DuBose’s evolution on gay marriage did not occur yesterday. In fact, it is something that he has believed for at least a few years now, but as he has not been in elected politics, it was not newsworthy. I just wanted to make sure that your implication that his “evolution” occurred over the course of a day was dispelled, and further that the ProjectQ “piece” was one of the worst pieces of “journalism” I had ever seen.

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