Rhyme-Free Morning Reads For Tuesday 9-3-13

There are no rhymes today.  It could be because Stefan is taking some family time, or it could be because we are just too sad.  As Lewis Grizzard once said, “Quite frankly, I don’t want to talk about it.”  So….moving on:


Congrats and condolences to my friend and column publisher DuBose Porter on becoming the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia.  I’m sure he’ll continue to hear he’s a closet Republican for running my column and I’ll continue to be a “known Democratic operative” for writing it.

ICYMI, Governor Deal picked up a Republican and a Democrat who want to live on West Paces Ferry Road starting early 2015.  Most Georgians and presumably the Governor continued with their weekend plans as well as their plans for 2015 unfazed.

The City of Atlanta is getting $18M of federal funds to continue the Beltline project.

Job Growth in Middle Georgia “Slow but Steady“.

Jack Kingston talks to the Savannah Morning News.

National, International, and Big Picture items:

Kyle Wingfield addresses the burger flippers’ strike threats.

Consumer Confidence? Trending down.  This, friends, is what we call a leading indicator.  And that’s not good.

Need to learn about Syria?  The Washington Post writes it on a level sure to make Eric The Younger’s head explode.

Speaker John Boehner wants to tie the debt ceiling increase to spending cuts.

U Chicago Economics legend Ronald Coase has died.

Other Stuff:

Perserverence is now spelled “Diana Nyad“.

The lava lamp is now 50.  Mine doesn’t look a day over 35.

So, you’re a Porsche purist who doesn’t appreciate their bulbous 4 door sedan?  I’m sure them putting a diesel in it will calm you down.

UGA still won’t have its starting place kicker this Saturday. Or Malcom Mitchell.  And I still don’t want to talk about it.


  1. Ed says:

    1) I feel this is UGA’s now-or-never moment to get to a national championship. Hosting all their toughest opponents means there is a good chance to make up for the loss. However, Malcolm Mitchell’s injury just changed that calculation.

    2) Bold prediction: ‘Bama vs. Clemson championship.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Burger flippers: finishing breakfast in Canada as I read PP:
    With no conclusions as to the causes, good or bad, eating out is costing me about 2/3rds more from the menu, taxes are about 2.5 Times more and if a waiter is involved the 20% tip goes up accordingly.

    Miss my U.S. restaurants.
    MClunches might not be first choice if prices increased dramatically at fast foods.

  3. Harry says:

    A friend wrote as follows –
    Interesting perspective…What if the rebels and the White House caused
    the chemical attack. Read the article.
    Knowing the devious ways of the left and the WH, this is entirely possible.
    The article writer is a middle east intelligence expert with many sources in the area.

    My response –
    The allegation set forth in this piece would surprise me not at all, given that we now know the Administration had exact details on what was on in Benghazi at least as it happened from many US personnel in the area, if not before it happened. They’ve also been extremely devious with matters like Obamacare and the Second Amendment, trying to skirt Congress in some cases. My bet is this whole “war” exercise is mainly trying to squeeze additional funds out of congress to pay for “necessary” military line items like benefits for military same-sex spouses and buying off friendly defense contractors etc. Follow the money. If they get a resolution out of congress it will be open season.

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