John Barge and Edumacation

Today John Barge’s website for govenor went live. Some of you probably have noticed that I spelled govenor incorrectly. I will have to disagree because this is the office that our own State School Superintendent has decided to run for. H/T Greg Bluestein over at the AJC.

Screenshot 2013-09-03 at 14.57.59


    • lively64 says:

      He was on the board for PARCC the group who is designing the new test for Common Core. He has remained supportive of the common core but look for that support to be susceptible to the forces of the political winds. Also, look for contributions from educational vendors such as Pearson, Kaplan, McGraw, etc.

  1. Stephen in Southside says:

    I wouldn’t discount Barge if he can raise enough money. I highly doubt he’ll pull votes from Pennington. Barge votes will come off of Deal and the happiest person in GA right now is Pennington.

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