Folks, if you subscribe to the PeachPundit Daily, you would know stuff before it’s news. On Friday morning, we had this item:

There Shall Be Candidates And Rumors Of Candidates.  At first it seemed like a joke, or a shot across Governor Deal’s bow, but now it appears that State School Superintendent John Barge was serious when he said he might run for Governor.  Sources have confirmed to Peach Pundit that Barge has told his senior DOE staff that he will challenge Deal in the 2014 Republican primary.  He has no plans to resign his position -for fear of who Deal might appoint to replace him. Barge had previously stated he would make his mind up by September, and it now appears the answer will be he will run.

AJC Reporter Greg Bluestein had been on that story for days, did all the real journalism, and got the announcement in print and on the record from Barge late Friday afternoon. That’s journalism, and the AJC has many fine folks who do the heavy lifting of journalism lifting very well.

At Peach Pundit Daily we don’t pretend to be journalists or reporters. That’s hard work, and we’re not paid in any way (not yet, anyway). When you want to know the facts, read the paper. When you want to know what’s probably going to happen, read us. Sign up here.


  1. Jon Lester says:

    Actually, you remind me of what Mark Twain said about newspapers, that if you don’t read one, you’re uninformed, and if you do read one, you’re misinformed.

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