Everything Old is Newnan Again

I’m #1!

The Democratic Party of Georgia held their Chairperson election Saturday in Newnan and DuBose Porter emerged the victor. In his nomination acceptance speech he talked about three Georgias, that which was, that which is, and that which can be. As a former minority leader and a state representative going to back to when the Democratic party ran the State, his election hearkens back to the party’s age of majority.

This election was to fill the unexpired term of the previous chair, Mike Berlon, who was less than competent. So what can we expect in the next 18 months of a Porter administration? Should be all up from here, as the party attempts to rebuild its coffers and support its Senate nominee. It is six months from qualifying. We’ll see what they are able to do regarding candidate recruitment and fundraising, but it is nice to know that it cannot get any worse.

The DPG announced at the meeting that the DPG had 150k in the account, which is much better than when Berlon departed the scene, but much less than what is required to effectively aid candidates or perform the necessary tasks of the DPG. Here’s wishing Porter and his team the best as he attempts to get the ship righted again, as we look ahead to the 2014 elections. Whether Democrats can make the Georgia that will be resemble that which once was remains to be seen.

Here is his statement:

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the 250 state committee members who joined together on a holiday weekend for one simple purpose – to move our party in the right direction: FORWARD.

And to those who could not join us but were with us in spirit, the work is just beginning.
Our party and I owe a special thanks Doug Stoner and RJ Hadley. These two great men stepped up and offered themselves to the task of rebuilding our beloved DPG. They both love Georgia very much and have sacrificed a great deal to help make our state better. They have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of everyday Georgians, and they embody exactly what it means to be a Democrat. Please take a moment today to thank them for their service.
While Georgia Democrats have been in troubled waters lately, we were kept afloat and pushed through the storm because of the amazing work of Acting Chair Nikema Williams. We have been honored by her strength and wisdom these last few months, and our party is the better for it. I am blessed to have four boys, but if I had ever had a daughter I would want her to be just like Nikema.
My very personal thanks to Leader Stacey Abrams for nominating me and for Young Democrats of Georgia President Steve Golden for seconding the nomination.
What we saw in Newnan on Saturday is a vision of things to come.  Leaders like Congressman Hank Johnson, Senate Democratic Leader Steve Henson, House Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams and Mayor Kasim Reed coming together with county party chairs, DNC members and Democrats from every corner of our state to declare that the Democratic Party of Georgia is ready for business.

We are ready for the business of turning this state around and speaking truth to power.  Declaring with one voice that it is wrong to slash and burn public education funding, furlough teachers and cut days in the classroom for our kids.  It is wrong to refuse to expand our Medicaid program at no cost to Georgia for the first three years, when doing so means denying more than 600,000 Georgians healthcare, 38,00 of whom are veterans.  And it is wrong to dump toxins into the Ogeechee River and then grant a permit to the company responsible for the largest fishkill in Georgia’s history.

What they’re doing is wrong for Georgia, and we’re going to stop them.  Together, Georgia Democrats are going to raise money, raise up voters and raise our voices to elect a U.S. Senator in 2014 and to fill the Capitol with Democrats ready to fight for our values and beliefs.  We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again. 
I am humbled and excited to take part in leading the charge.  Let’s do this together and move…FORWARD.”




  1. John Konop says:

    I do not any of the people involved with the party. No real dog in this fight. This is the time with the demographics changing for the Dems. You combine that with a Hillary run in 16, that could be the breakout, if the GOP does not react correctly. All should make for good TV by 16…..Wonder if this is the guy to lead the new Dems out of the woods?

  2. Bill Arp says:

    Dubose was a mistake for the DPG. The leaders of the party in Georgia are Reed and Jason Carter. Stoner could have helped the party come back to the center. Dubose is not to be trusted and his political legacy will be marred by this upcoming failure.

    • Toxic Avenger says:

      Sorry to hear that the grapes you’re eating are sour. Also, FYI, I’m a Democrat, and in order for me to consider someone the “leader” of the party, I feel they need to give a crap about it other than when it is convenient for them. So Mayor Reed isn’t the leader of anything but 55 Trinity.

  3. Bill Arp says:

    {Comment deleted}

    Bill – it’s one thing to not like a guy. It’s another (very pitiful) thing to bring someone’s family into something. It’s a very different thing to slander someone, and we don’t wish to be a party to the inevitable lawsuit that will come from that. Tread very carefully going forward or you will receive a permanent ban with no additional warning. – Charlie

  4. Bill Arp says:

    Dubose is a has thrust himself once again into the public light. He is shown to be a loser at every attempt he has made to enter the statewide arena. Getting thumped for speaker in the 90’s, crushed for Governor in 2010. Now he is ready to get his clock cleaned as DPG chair. Now he finds himself as odds with the best fundraiser the democraic party has in Kasim Reed and Jason Carter. It’s a shame, the Democratic Party was being rejunivated with The Nunn name on the ticket. Dubose cannot raise the money and the Republican Party will benefit from this error.

    • Toxic Avenger says:

      It’s funny how little you know, random person I have never heard of. You obviously don’t know how much money DuBose has raised, and can raise.

      And speaking of “Nunn,” perhaps you should know that DuBose and a certain Sam you might have heard of are extremely close friends.

      Oh, and maybe you should follow up with Sen. Carter to find out if he is “at odds” with DuBose.

      Thanks for playing.

  5. Bill Arp says:

    The last laugh is with your toxic answer. How much did Dubose raise to run for Governor and how much did Reed raise when he ran for Mayor? Nunn would much rather have a competent DPG that could raise money for his daughter than someone that loses at every political opportunity. My prediction is that Dubose leaves the party worse than he got it. Reed will get his man in line to be chair before its his turn for Governor in 2018. He and Jason Carter will have the last laugh. Dubose spoke about the past in his speech….he will be history soon.

    • Toxic Avenger says:

      Very cute. Also, very interesting that you know anything about political realities. The answer to your question is about $450,000 in a few months. But if you recall, that was against multiple major opponents, including Roy Barnes. So a guy that was polling around 2% still raised about half a million dollars. That’s from 3 decades of experience and networking. This is also a guy who raised over $100,000 a year for a few years while running unopposed in a safe district (for him).

      I enjoy arguing with you. You fail to know anything, including the current state of the DPG.

  6. Bill Arp says:

    I am happy you endorse a man that spends 450k and gets 2 percent of the vote. Now that’s a great reason to support him for chair oF the DPG…..is Dubose Toxic? Now that’s funny.

    • Toxic Avenger says:

      Hysterical. Again, political realities. He could have raised much more, and still not beaten Roy Barnes.

      I tire of trolling the troll. I’m going to go do something productive with my life.

  7. Bill Arp says:

    And for the good of the party he should have dropped of the race and raised the money for a real candidate….I guess this is another reason he will be a great party chairman….at least he believes he can win…..and only get 2 percent….bring it toxic man…your on the wrong side of this one….I am not the only person who thinks this….there is the other 98 percent of Georgia.

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