Morning Reads For Friday, 8-30-13, The First Friday Of College Football

Our long national nightmare is over.  College football is back.

South Carolina beats their “In State Rival – Source, NY Post” 27-10.  SEC starts the way it will finish.  North Carolina to remain a independent State.  Albeit with superior BBQ.

Ole Miss vs Vandy?  Have you ever tailgated in The Grove?  Have you ever dated a Vandy chick?  I’ve done both.  Hoddy Toddy Ole Miss!!!….39-35 in a late shootout, Ole Miss over Vandy.

There were other games.  They didn’t matter.  Georgia Plays Clemson Saturday Night.  I love and miss this rivalry.  Do you know who else did?  Lewis Freaking Grizzard, that’s who.

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Don’t like where we’re going here?  Godless humanist, OK fine.  Then let’s talk…

GA Politics:

Think the deepening of Georgia’s port isn’t getting enough attention?  Democrats and Republicans both want to claim credit for it.  Need reassurance?  Talk to Joe Biden when he rolls out his “I ain’t Hillary but I come promising checks” visit to Savannah September 16th.

Yo dudes, Linda Schrenko is available again. 

The GBI has been busy in Columbus.

But the rest of the state budget spend in the Columbus area doesn’t have room for FDR’s therapeutic pools.

Erick told us about this yesterday, but really…what is 788 votes among friends?

Warner Robins Mayor qualifies for demotion.



Obama supports states’ rights, well when weed is at stake.

The NFL has settled with players over concussions, considers it a win.  Weed may have been cheaper

If you text someone, and they crash their car, you can be held responsible. At least according to New Jersey.  Cheaper to blame the weed than texting.

Someone grab the tinfoil.

US Navy + Russian Navy + Eastern Med + Syria = this is not likely to end well.

Well that didn’t go as planned.

Everything Else:

Presidential candidates and Muppets.  Miss Piggy 2016!

Life on Earth started on Mars?  Just more lies from the pit of hell.

Diesels are coming back.  And soon, will be available in compact pickups.

Thoughts with Obi’s Sister and her family this weekend.

….did I mention College Football is back?  Go have a holiday weekend.  I am.


  1. Ed says:


    I like your style. At any rate, the college football season *really* begins in ~12 hours at the Dome.


  2. John Konop says:

    I hear the drums banging for us to get into another foreign entanglement……..We have a track record of jumping into this quicksand, and backing one lunatic over another lunatic from Iran, Iraq, Cuba…….I have a few questions for the war HAWKS……Who are we backing in the civil war in Syria? Why do you think they are better? If you are not sure about the people we are backing, how do you know they are not another Bin Laden, Sudan Hussein, Noriega……….Without knowing the above is this not the same mistake we made before?

    • Dave Bearse says:

      It’s about who we’re against, not who were for, and Iraq has shown how the future takes care of itself.

      Count the Brits are out. Another legacy of the worst ever US foreign policy blunder.

    • Eric The Younger says:

      I believe the official stance has been to not actually change the tide of the war, only to punish Assad for using chemical weapons. Most politicians that I have seen comment have admitted that there isn’t a “good” side to support.

      • John Konop says:

        If we have no “good side” how does that help? Not being cold, but you could take a dart throw at a map in Africa, Middle East, North Korea……and we would see some very nasty behavior on their people, as well genocide in their civil wars . If that is the policy, than we could not afford to make enough bombs……Do you think us bombing the place would really change the behavior?

        • Eric The Younger says:

          I think the goal is to bolster the CWC and the international norms around the development and use around Chemical weapons. Unlike the NPT, the CWC doesn’t have as clear of a regulatory regime. Consequently we rely on the norms we have established instead of the text of a treaty.

      • John Konop says:


        This is the reality…….Help me understand our policy? BTW I can show examples like this all over the world…..Not saying we should be silent……but bombing and or troops……has not worked well…..


        • Eric The Younger says:

          We were slow to get involved in Rwanda because of Somalia ~6 months before, where the story for Blackhawk Down came from. You also didn’t have the UNSC use the word “genocide” had that word been used in a resolution or in discussion, things would have been very different because of the requirements laid out in the Genocide Convention.

  3. Noway says:

    Dang it, Charlie! One of the only things that can take my mind off of politics and the crap that is going on in this world is Lewis Grizzard!
    One day I hope you have a posting just for that guy, who, come next Spring will have been gone from us for 20 years!
    There is no one, nobody who wrote like him, expressing their feelings about our neck of the woods, Georgia Football , His Mama and Catfish.
    I have Luckovich’s color print of Lewis entering Heaven framed on my wall and right beside it his column about the day Catfish died, framed as well, under non-glare glass!!
    I have all of his books, hardback, of course and will occasionally write Deidra to see when more are coming out.
    That guy was a gen-u-ine National Treasure and he left us way too soon.
    Just Damn!

  4. Ellynn says:

    I only know one “real” godless humanist (a professor of Humanistic psychology), and he holds season tickets for both his college and professional teams he cheers.

    I know many God fearing people who hate football (there should be laws against this…). As my UW Badger and Packer loving dad told me, “Never date or trust a guy who don’t watch football. Even a Bear or a Mighian fan is better then dating a non believer in pigskin.”

  5. Lea Thrace says:

    Are we sure Charlie wrote this post? Because it reads very suspiciously like an “Ed” post…

    Way too much overzealous enthusiasm.


  6. Spacey G says:

    POTUS sending Uncle Joe to hand out the earmarks to Georgia Republicans? That’s so rich, where to begin?!

    Slightly off-topic, but I kinda get the feeling POTUS doesn’t really like Mayor Reed all that much. Chalk it up to little more than spidey-sense.

    • Ellynn says:

      If earmarks were still in fashion, the port would already be deepened. Starting in 1999, almost all studies, testing, sampling, water flow observations and so forth have been paid for by earmarks submitted by 7 different Georgia congress members (4 Republican, 3 Democrate)prior to 2008. This project has been backed by the last 3 governors, and for almost 18 months fully approved by the Corp of Engineers. In that same 14 years, the port has been visited by 2 Presidents and 1 Vice President (soon to be 2). The only thing slowing it down is the elected types in South Carolinia who did not plan out their expansion in Charleston as early and as well as the GPA and now want equal funding for their port, even though it will not be ready until 2018 at the earlist. Without an earmark, in the current mood of the house (where 3 of Georgia’s own are now lame ducks – including the congressman who’s district the port is located), the port has little chance of being added to the budget

  7. Will Durant says:

    The feds really should address the categorization of weed as a Schedule I narcotic. Its placement on the list with Heroin and LSD serves to invalidate their whole scheme.

    • saltycracker says:

      Obviously you hate local judicial and law enforcement where confiscation and enforcement from weed generate additional public defenders, judges, bail bondsmen, jailers, cops and related jobs plus provide cars, boats, property, cash and the best, increased public budgets. 🙂

      Weed is a health issue and the Feds selectively enforce their laws in the states.

  8. saltycracker says:

    Syria ? The U.S. acting as the world police, where the President selectively wishes, hasn’t done so well at the cost of a lot of money and loss of respect.

    The U.N. is another failing project but at least it is cheaper, doesn’t get so many of our volunteer soldiers killed and doesn’t focus offensive military action on the U.S. defensive forces.

    Here’s the latest – the U.N. doesn’t want to rush to judgment, is running a few tests and will report Monday:

  9. Dave Bearse says:

    General Assembly fun times come January.

    Georgia will have to revise its income tax code (since its almost a certainty the state will not accept legally married same sex couples filing a joint tax return in an election year). And what better reason than the prospect of homosexual marriage defiling the sanctity of an income tax return to eliminate the income tax?

    Calling all lobbyists and special interests. Calling all lobbyists and special interests. Prepare to pile on. Have your dinner reservations made and check books ready. Tax code legislation a virtual certainty. That is all.

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