Michelle Nunn And The Democrats’ War On Women

It’s little secret that Georgia Democrats are looking to women – specifically women in the Atlanta suburbs who are currently voting Republican – in order to help return them to a competitive position statewide.  The “War on Women” meme worked well for them during the 2012 cycle, as too many members of the GOP were willing to play along.

When it comes to actual records of personal conduct in office, there remains a double standard.  There is no way Bob Filner would have lasted as long in office nor had the outcry been relatively muted had he been a Republican.  National media would be casting the comeback stories of Elliott Spitzer and Anthony Weiner in a different light were they also Republican.

And so, despite his repetitive predatory nature, Anthony Weiner can be celebrated as a good public servant because he promises to govern the way those who would wage the war on women would want him to vote.  And he has some local supporters, such as Ambassador Gordon Giffin, who has tossed $1,000 Weiner’s way.

Why is this relevant?  Because Giffin is also the man who is Chairman of Michelle Nunn’s campaign.

Democrats are enjoying the possibility of running a new “War on Women” campaign, salivating at the prospect that the GOP will pick someone too far to the right and/or prone to pull a “Todd Aiken”.   That’s all fair in politics and the way the game is played.

But if the person who will position herself as the standard bearer for this fight chooses a person to head her campaign who is also willing to fund Anthony Weiner’s attempt to be New York City’s mayor, then accept this meme for what it is – a cynical ploy to manufacture votes without basis in a moral foundation.


  1. benevolus says:

    Wow! Taking lessons from the masters?
    Take a small sample incident, extrapolate to giant proportions, draw an unsupported conclusion from the hyper-extended premise, and present as fact!

  2. Spacey G says:

    “Moral foundation.” Sounds like something Sara Blakely sells. And you trotting-out the holy roller morals card is about as substantive as a pair of under garments too, Charlie. Please, do better.

  3. rightofcenter says:

    Normally, I would say this is a stretch. However, in light of the hatchet job that Michelle (did you know Sam is my Dad?) Nunn’s top cheerleader (Jim Galloway) did in yesterdays’ AJC regarding someone Jack Kingston hired, I think this is completely relevant. Thanks, Charlie.

    • Jon Lester says:

      I hope Jim carries the Giffin-Weiner connection, too.

      Ms. Nunn seems like a nice lady, would likely make a fine neighbor, and probably did good work at the Points of Light Foundation, but Georgia voters need to be reminded at every turn that there are other Democratic candidates for the Senate, and some of them actually stand for something and have things to say.

  4. James Fannin says:

    Best line ever by Ann Coulter, ” In the so-called ‘war on women’ Democrat Ted Kennedy is the only politician with a confirmed kill.”

  5. Spacey G says:

    Say what you will about Galloway (and I’ve likely said too much, imagine that, over the years as he blocked me on Twitter, go figure), but his writing and word craftsmanship has never been better. I say that from a purely literary POV, not a political one.

    • Spacey G says:

      “… have never been better.” Will now punish self for grammatical erroring by launching a moral happy hour crusade at 5pm today instead of the typical 4pm.

      Must go rend something…

      • Scott65 says:

        Actually, the first way you presented was correct. (from ‘Dodge the Grammar Traps’)

        “Sometimes the subject of a sentence has two parts: a singular phrase and a plural phrase. Again, write exactly what you would say.

        Provided English is your first language, your instinct will usually be correct. You’ll naturally match the verb to the phrase immediately before it – in which case the grammar will be correct.

        RIGHT Neither the topsoil nor the plants have arrived.
        RIGHT Neither the plants nor the topsoil has arrived. ”

        Since “craftsmanship” is singular, use of the word “has” is technically correct. Hate for you to deny yourself for naught.

        • Scott65 says:

          oops…you are wrong…use of “and” conjoins, thus the word have is warranted…or does not conjoin. I feel I have been punished enough having to look this up, you on the other hand must carry on. I wonder how many of these “English Only” politicians actually get their grammar right.

        • Spacey G says:

          Oh do NOT get in the way of me denying myself, Mr. Scotty. Not when it brings me such joy. I love it so much I’m going to go put on my hairshirt now. Walk on some glass. That kinda thing.

  6. David C says:

    “National media would be casting the comeback stories of Elliott Spitzer and Anthony Weiner in a different light were they also Republican.”

    Senator David Vitter (R-LA), likely LA Governor in 2015, and his DC Madam exploits says hello, and comments that this premise is absolute partisan reaching for a victimhood that fully fails to understand just how the GOP alienated women voters in 2012.

  7. xdog says:

    I had forgotten Vitter. Hookers and diapers, wasn’t it? That’s tough even for Louisiana.

    I take Charlie’s entry as either a pre-holiday throwaway or signs that gopers are sincerely worried. I vote for the first.

  8. KingRichard says:

    How about Georgia Democrats Unite! Under themes like Atheism, Abortion on Demand up to age 18, Gun Registry, Control and Confiscation, Hatred of Israel, More Debt and Taxes, Open Borders, Open Voting for all able to get a Voting ballot, More Regulations, Fees and Fines, Legalization of Drugs and Prostitution, Marriage Legal for a Person to Marry anything(s?), Tax Payer Funded Education to any level, the ability for all Government employees to be excempt from this Tyranny.

    I think their War on Women platform needs to include the above to be more Diverse and Inclusve. Did I miss anything that the Uptopian Democratic Society really wants?

      • KingRichard says:

        18 could change, that is the age of becomming an adult so one should be free to run for their life.

        Forgot that in old age once we are deemed to hold no societal value we are to be forgotten an cast aside. They already have that in Obamacare which is why I did not include it.

        • John Konop says:


          You are against “Abortion on Demand”, and are for not having any protections for families with preexisting conditions they could die from.

          You claim to be a fiscal conservative, yet support a waste of tax payer money and liberty by being for the “War on Drugs”

          You claim to be against to much government in our life…..yet want laws against gay people.

          We cannot afford your type of thinking………We have to many like you on both sides…..who only spew out thought free talking points!

          • KingRichard says:

            John the answer to free speech is more of it not less – one should not try to silence someone just because you do not agree with them. Remember Hillary’s words…

            I am Pro Life, I think the 2 things good about obamacare was the coverage of preexisting conditions and keeping your kid enrolled on your insurance plan till age 26 in spite of the cost, recreational Drugs I could be swayed to be made legal but children and life must be protected from drugs and drug users, plus I would be ok if in order to be employed at a company you could not use these recreational drugs, if you were on welfare you could not use these drugs, if you are a felon that you cannot use these drugs.

            In regards to homosexuality I want equality (not laws against gay people I am not an Islamic), and I am very sick and tired of sexuality defining who we are, who cares who you sleep with, who you want to sleep with. I certaintly do not care to know as long as children and innocent human beings are protected of course.

            Yes there is way too much government in our life – it is imbedded in everything…Government has over stepped it’s role, remember the Magna Carta…we are there.

            No freeman shall be taken, imprisoned, disseised, outlawed, banished, or in any way destroyed, nor will We proceed against or prosecute him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers and by the law of the land.”

            “To no one will We sell, to no one will We deny or delay, right or justice.”

            Unless your some poor soul who made a Prophet Mohammad video deemed to have killed 4 Americans in Benghazi, but of course “what difference does it make”…

            • John Konop says:

              ……….John the answer to free speech is more of it not less – one should not try to silence someone just because you do not agree with them. Remember Hillary’s words……………..

              1) I was not trying to stop you from commenting, sorry if you took it that way. I did not know Hillary made the comment…..Not part of the Hillary fan club……..

              ….I think the 2 things good about obamacare was the coverage of preexisting conditions and keeping your kid enrolled on your insurance plan till age 26 in spite of the cost,..

              2) As I pointed out on this blog numerous times…..the bill needs a lot of help…..it is better than what we had before……..why would you be for defunding over just fixing it?

              ……….children and life must be protected from drugs and drug users……

              3) The current “War on Drugs” is not working by any measure……I do think like alcohol we needs laws via minors…..But even in this case the first line of defense should be parents. We have to many people liberal and conservative wanting police, schools…to be the parents.

              I will say overall we are way closer in what we think than what I would thought reading your comments….I am not sure if you think I am liberal or conservative? The truth I am just a pragmatist.

              • KingRichard says:

                Good to read, thought we were closer in thought than your earlier response indicated, just hope you love our constitution and liberty…

                My 2003 Hillary quote is this: “I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

                No problem I am thick skinned, tough minded and tender hearted…

                • KingRichard says:

                  On Obamacare – I am for an all of the above to stop it, repealing it is likely never going to happen, defunding it will be very difficult if not impossible, the thing is a disaster and is so bad that I honestly think because it is so bad and because our politicians are so feeble and spineless that we will all be pushed into a single payer system which is really what I think they wanted all along…

                  The bill has grown government so much, it is just massive, and it takes freedom, liberty and personal responsibility away from the citizens. It punishes small business with fees regulations etc…

                  It was passed at midnight by 1 party refusing all other view points, written by lobbyists, it represents the worst of government not the best.

                  Look at our verteran hospitals…that is where we are headed…

                  • John Konop says:


                    If the exchanges get set up right it will help small business and individuals…..It will allow businesses/individuals with less than 1000 employees to group together and self insure. This is what many major corporation do now…..The model works with enough people in it and saves about 20% on healthcare.

                    As far as entitlements, as I posted many times we need do some real tough love cuts……..I have posted suggestions on this numerous times…..I am sure not popular, but saying no or less never is…….

                    • KingRichard says:

                      I disagree gives too much power to Feds, grows Government way too much, IRS involved it is terrible… We can’t afford it…

                      You must be for Single Payer, and a lack of love of: Constitution, Liberty and Personal Responsibility…

                    • John Konop says:


                      Not sure why you say that? An exchange if designed right is merely a co-op buying used to lower pricing? This is done all the time via associations in business…… Why are you against this? You understand each state can create their own rules? If done right we could give people an option that could save them money.

                    • KingRichard says:

                      John I believe the bill is unconstitutional. Sold to American people as “not a tax” by Democrats only. It has death panels in it the advisory board. It reprsents the worst government does by the way it was passed and written. Do you agree with any of the above?

                      It could have been great if debated by both sides by Obama leading it through both houses – we could have gotten the good things passed like preexisting conditions being ok, staying on your parents plan to 26, allowing every american ability to buy insurance across state lines, being able to pick and choose coverage you want like a super market trip.

                      Instead we have been lied to and the supreme court rewrote the bill saying yes it is a tax…

                      The bill is terrible too much power and governmet growth has been granted and given through this bill. Obamacare creates 130 new government agencies and 16,000 new jobs for the IRS. Plus Tens of thousands of health care professionals, union workers and community activists hired as “navigators” to help Americans choose Obamacare options starting Oct. 1 could earn $20 an hour or more.

                      It is still not clear how many navigators will be required. California, however, provides a hint. It wants 21,000.

                      That could be an expensive proposition. The proposed rules, now open for public comment, suggest an estimated pay of $20-$48 an hour. All tax payer funded – worst bill ever.

                      I don’t support it never will, if you do fine.

                      I don’t think you love the constitution as much as I do.

                    • John Konop says:

                      Why would you support Tom Price/GOP bill which does the exact same thing? The only real difference is a poorly thought out high risk pool concept, elimantes the 26 year old kid option and has no mandate…..which puts tax payers back on the hook for people with no health insurance.

                      You do realize in an exchange you would form a committee to make health choices if designed right? You get insurance companies do that today for profit? GOP screaming death panel is the same BS as the Dems scream about pushing grandma out on the street with entitlement reform…..This type of politics is destroying our country.,..

                    • KingRichard says:

                      Look I believe we need to slow this process down, not just ram through something else, besides it is just another of the 100’s of Republican bills Reid will put in his desk and you know it. Your Right so get Government out of it don’t let them decide, Dr’s and People should do that not Government, if insurance denies you still can get help elsewhere, this way if denied that is it, besides begging Government for your life.

                      What are you, bipolitical? A pragmatist? Screams liberal to me. Where do you stand in regards to our constitution? I am a Federalist, are you a Statist? I think so. We disagree on this bill, it is the worst ever and you know it is, yet you cling to some uptopian Government design agreeing with Government Masterminds to run our life. I say no to all of that. The Government cannot be trusted period no matter who has the Crown. We cannot give Government this kind of control over us.

                      You Trust the Government with your life or with other peoples lives? You must work for them then.

                      This bill is terrible and you know it, our only option today is defunding, maybe one day it will be repealed but I seriously doubt it, we are seemingly stuck with it. It is the law now maybe if we beg KingObama enough the American people can get a waiver since we are now beholden to him. Everyone else has waivers…if it is so great John – why are Dems running from it, excempting their buddies, excempting themselves, and their staff, look at K street and this bill – there is where the money is.

                      It is terrible and I dub thee LiberalJohntheStatist from now on your welcome…haha…

                    • John Konop says:

                      I am confused by your questions…..An exchange gives small business guys like me or individuals the ability to buy like the big guys. Not sure how you think that is liberal or conservative…..to me it is just smart business idea….

                      As far as the constitution, I really do not understand your point. The constitution was designed to promote compromise and respect minority views. That is why it was designed to have separate branches with equal power….The reason the founding fathers did not have a straight democracy was to avoid what happens in places like the Middle East ie peaceful transition of government after elections. …..

                      The concept behind our Bill of Rights was taken from a moral philosopher and economist named Adam Smith. The idea of life, liberty and justice was promoted by Smith a leading abolitionist of his time.

                      I have read a lot from Adam Smith and being a capitalist myself have tremendous respect for him. His book on economics is considered the bible of free market thinking and is taught at almost every university in the word ie Wealth of Nations.

                    • KingRichard says:

                      John if you are Pro Constitution then Obamacare is unconstitutional would you agree? Would you agree that Obama sold it to America as one big fat flying hairy lie?

                      I agree health care needed reform and a few laws was all that was needed. Shame on Republicans and Bush who held all branches for 6 years and did nothing.

                      John – Obamacare is a disaster, right? Any bill congress exempts themselves from can’t possible be good for American’s can it?

                      The bill is unconstitutional and you point to Adam Smith who wrote 5 books outlining capitalism which are great, but you are missing the elephant in the room, Obamacare is unconstitutional.

                      Would you agree that Obamacare is unconstitutional?

                      I am a lover of John Locke and James Madison. Who wrote extensively of Government’s best role to keep liberty among the people.

                    • KingRichard says:

                      John – if you support Obamacare you are a Liberal which is fine, you may be a Government Employee of some sort, I get it. Just don’t hide or try to obfuscate what you stand for.

                      What is your answer to this Small Business Owner in Tennessee?


                      What do you tell him? Hang in there sport, it will get better? Is that your answer to the worst bill passed in American History by Democrats only?

                    • KingRichard says:

                      I am brand new to this site John, and these are not talking points at all it is called reality.

                      You refuse to answer a basic question on the constitutionality of Obamacare.

                      Any person who fights for this bill as hard as you do is definitely a Liberal who will vote for and support Liberals, big Government, etc…

                      What would you tell the Entrepreneur I linked to in my previous post?

                      It is ok that we disagree – I think the bill is the worst ever and will kill American jobs, it Grows Government at astronomical rates while excepting them from it, the biggest Democrat supporters, Unions, detest this bill and want exceptions, the Bill gives power to the IRS to ensure Americans are incompliance with Obamacare while they are except from it, everyone loves and trusts the IRS right?

                      John you support this bill for a few token reasons while missing the big picture of this bill – the bill is detestable and is the worst ever. Anyone who supports this bill is a Statist, a lover of Government and an enemy to Liberty.

                      The bill is unconstitutional correct John?

                      The debate we are having right now over this bill is what should have happened before it was forced on the American people supported with flat out lies from Obama himself.

                      But no one could read the bill, it was not finished, it was not ready by the time the lame ducks rammed it through.

                      How can that be supported? Worst ever.

                    • John Konop says:


                      I have been crystal clear what I support pre and post this bill:

                      1) I support a having a real solution for preexisting conditions….

                      2) I support patents being allowed to keep kids on insurance till 26.

                      3) I have proposed numerous real cuts that need to happen to entitlments ASAP….I have not screamed about killing grandma like Dems…..or death panels like the you and the GOP……

                      4) I support having end of life directives being that 60 percent of healthcare is spent the last 6 months of life, and many do not want the procedures…..

                      5) I support people either paying for their healthcare or being fined for using tax payers as an emergency health insurance policy.

                      Finally you are the one that avoids the real issues not me. I gave you history lesson on the constitution and you still focus on talking points…..

              • Noway says:

                Agree with your point on drugs, John. The war on them ain’t working. Legalize it all and I do mean all. Set up treatment centers to aid those who cannot handle it. Lower the drinking age back to 18, loss of federal funds be damned.

                Freedom works every time it’s tried.

          • KingRichard says:

            John – is Obamacare Constitutional? It is a yes or no question which will then answer if you are a Liberal / RINO in dress or a for real constitutional conservative which would bring you in line with the tea party. I am hoping for the later.

            Obamacare is unconstitutional. Do you agree John – if yes then we speak the same language and can go to reforms from there. If no you are really just another big government liberal – a Statist or a Anti-Federalist…

            You seem more like Cass Sunstein pushing for Roosevelt’s 2nd Bill of Rights which is very similar to Soviet Russia back in the day.

            What do you tell this guy as an entrepreneur yourself?


            I am more in line with John Locke and James Madison – Federalists…

            Does not mean we hate each other or call each other nasty names…

            • John Konop says:

              Since I am a businessman, I am more on the Adam Smith side…..The difference between us maybe you live in a world of theory……I live in a world of produce or I am out…..

              • KingRichard says:

                John – I do not live in a world of Theory, what kind of nonsense is that? Sounds like another ploy to silence debate, why not just call me a racist. I too am a businessman have been my whole life.

                And I stand by my earlier words that if you support Obamacare you are Liberal.

                Obamacare is the worst bill ever written in American History and it is unconstitutional.

                It forces citizens to buy coverage, the Federal government cannot issue a mandate that forces citizens to buy any product or service.

                Any person who supports this bill, the way it was passed (lameduck), the way it was written, the way it was upheld in the Supreme Court (rewritten!) the 130 Government agencies it creates, the growth of Government it creates, the additional power it gives to the IRS, the cost of the bill to taxpayers and then to businesses, and the lies thereof (“won’t add a dime to our defecit”), the way our Government is excempt from this bill, the number of Unions bailing away from the AFL-CIO because they supported it, the overwhelming dislike American people have for this bill, the jobs it has killed, the parttime jobs it has created, I could go on and on here…

                Any person who loves this bill or anything in this bill, is clearly a devoted 100% loyal blind partisan follower, no rational person could ever be for this bill once knowing the full history of it from inception to enforcement….it is 100% terrible.

                It must be stopped by all means possible.

                • John Konop says:

                  I guess you are a liberal since you also support part of Obamacare ie preexisting conditions and kids up to 26 being allowed to be put on your insurance policy. I guess that is constitutional to you because you support the idea.

                  And since you do not support the IRS involvement should we end Medicare? You do understand that is enforced by the IRS? If you think that is unconstitutional what is your solution other than ranting?

                  • KingRichard says:

                    I am no Left Leaner, I am a Constitutional Conservative.

                    I agreed that those 2 things were not bad ideas but they are contained in the worst bill ever. I can’t support this bill because of reasons already given. These 2 good ideas could have been done in a much easier and constitutional fashion.

                    So along with those 2 decent ideas another one would allow people to buy insurance across state lines from anywhere they want and any plan or health care option(s) they want. I think people need more options with their health care plans and what services they want with their plan.

                    Anything is better that what was rammed down the throats of America called Obamacare. This is something that should have been debated more and out in the open and should not have been rushed. What happened to Obama campaign promises that we can see these bills being done on CSPAN and all that.

                    I think the Department of Health and Human Services enforces Medicare/caid not the IRS. However the IRS ensures we pay the tax!

                    But now under Obamacare the IRS has been given a huge responsibility.

                    John – Obamacare is the worst ever, American people deserve better. It must be stopped.

                    • KingRichard says:

                      John – Here’s the bottom line; this “Obamacare Penalty” (Tax) is not apportioned to any respective number of any individual state and therefore is not a direct tax on the States, but a direct tax on individuals. This is unconstitutional according to Article 1 section 9 of the constitution. So how can Medicare and Medicaid be constitutional? Legally, the difference is that the latter two programs are government operations, whereas the individual mandate would have compelled people to buy a private product.

                      Look you love Obama and Obamacare – I get it you are not alone, nor am I because I detest Obamacare and almost everything Obama stands for.

                      John you are arguing semantics on this, can you not understand why I detest this bill? Can you not comprehend that the way it was passed, the effect it is having on our economy is disasterous and is why I am so against it? Is it ok with you that I have these opinions?

  9. Ellynn says:

    I want to know how Weiner is classified as a comeback. He’s in 5th place in the last set of polls. At this point he’s a footnoted “also ran.” Now, Sanford – thats a comeback.

        • KingRichard says:

          Beloved Georgia is a Red State with Voter Registration Laws…believe me if 70% to 80% of illegal voters were Republicans you would see Rep. Luis Gutiérrez in minuteman fatigues patrolling the border. Actually if that were the case the border would have been sealed a long time ago.

  10. Spacey G says:

    KingRichard’s started his holiday drinking and proclamatin’ already! And is prepared for battle. Or at least attempting to stay on his horse. Whichever comes first.

  11. Scott65 says:

    Charlie…I think you need to take a closer look. Pretty much every prominent democrat threw Filner under the bus pretty quickly. They would have thrown him in front of a bus if they could have, DWS, Pelosi, Boxer were all on record calling on him to resign pretty quickly. I dont know anyone (of consequence) who was for Weiner either. The only reason he got anywhere was because of his wife being close to the next president and wanting to be looked upon favorably …a calculation I would say has backfired. It would be the same if they were republicans in that case. Must be a slow day in the world of punditry.

    • KingRichard says:

      Yes Filner was treated exactly the same had he been a Republican….can’t believe some nuts actually protested for that man…he is terrible…Term Limits would have fixed that slob.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Filner’s second accuser went public in the third week in July, and five weeks later, including dog days at that, Filner is history. There’s just no comparing that lengthy extended period of time with say the time it took for Herman Cain to be run out of the race for President. Meanwhile Weiner’s been dropping like a stone.

      Don’t you recognize fair and balanced when you see it?

  12. northside101 says:

    How “moderate” can Michelle Nunn be if she is endorsed by Emily’s List? They are the type who want zero restrictions on abortion, which has been typical of the national Democratic platform for years (abortion availability “regardless of the ability to pay”—as in taxpayer-funded abortions on demand). Doesn’t sound like the values of middle Georgia where the Nunn family resided for generations……

    • KingRichard says:

      Sadly neither party that I can think of has ever told any donor – no thank you for your cash contrubution.

    • Spacey G says:

      Emily’s List – what a bunch of Richie Rich trophy wives who confuse dressing-up in pretend power suits for their difficult fundraising gala eventing work with real jobs.

      Oh don’t mind me. I’m just bitter because I’m not one.

      • pettifogger says:

        When I think trophy wives, I think vapid, talk behind your back, spend your money, etc.

        When I think Emily’s List, I think spell things with “y” unnecessarily and the ever-present threat of castration. Die Pygs!

  13. Harry says:

    If we were informed about the details of Obama’s war on women in the form of fewer appointments to high-level posts and absence of females in his inner circle of actual advisors, then he would have a lot less female support. One wonders if Obama’s Islamic upbringing in Indonesia as well as his affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood has any role to play here.

  14. KingRichard says:

    John – Here’s the bottom line; this “Obamacare Penalty” (Tax) is not apportioned to any respective number of any individual state and therefore is not a direct tax on the States, but a direct tax on individuals. This is unconstitutional according to Article 1 section 9 of the constitution. So how can Medicare and Medicaid be constitutional? Legally, the difference is that the latter two programs are government operations, whereas the individual mandate would have compelled people to buy a private product.

    Look you love Obama and Obamacare – I get it you are not alone, nor am I because I detest Obamacare and almost everything Obama stands for.

    John you are arguing semantics on this, can you not understand why I detest this bill? Can you not comprehend that the way it was passed, the effect it is having on our economy is disasterous and is why I am so against it? Is it ok with you that I have these opinions?

    • John Konop says:

      Unlike you I have posted numerous times on this blog a list of suggestions to improve the bill. I have been more critical than you on real details……Yet I do think it has the frame work to work if everybody rolls up their sleeves and works together, instead of playing politics. Your answers generally our political in nature…….my answers are about how to fix it…..that is why we disagree. My only dog in the fight is family, friends and community……you on the other hands are just playing politics…..

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