Barge To Run For Governor? Updated: Yes He Will

Breaking: John Barge tells WSB’s Lori Geary that he will challenge Governor Nathan Deal.  Expect the “official” announcement in Smyrna on Tuesday.  Greg Bluestein of the AJC adds that John Barge looks in the mirror and sees Sonny Perdue.

A couple of items for your consideration as we head into the weekend.

There Shall Be Candidates And Rumors Of Candidates. At first it seemed like a joke, or a shot across Governor Deal’s bow, but now it appears that State School Superintendent John Barge was serious when he said he might run for Governor. Sources have confirmed to Peach Pundit that Barge has told his senior DOE staff that he will challenge Deal in the 2014 Republican primary. He has no plans to resign his position -for fear of who Deal might appoint to replace him. Barge had previously stated he would make his mind up by September, and it now appears the answer will be he will run.

Who Will The Next State Superintendent Be? Names being kicked around as potential candidates to replace Barge include: Democratic State Rep. Alisha Morgan, who finds herself opposed by Sen. Vincent Fort and Verdaillia Turner​ of the Georgia Federation of Teachers – opponents helpful in a general election but not a Democratic primary. Republicans said to be thinking about the race include State Rep. Mike Dudgeon, former DeKalb School Board member Nancy Jester, Norcross businessman Jesse Thomas, and former Libertarian candidate Kira Willis -who’s now a Republican. There’s also another Democrat kicking the idea around who just might surprise everyone with his announcement. Stay tuned, because that clown car ain’t nearly full.

Related: A voice of support for the potential candidacy of State Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan from Peralte Paul Rae Harkness. “As for Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan, I am thankful that there are elected officials in our state like her willing to take a stand and do the right thing, even when it makes them unpopular with their own party caucus. I applaud her and the others willing to do what it takes to fix the educational system in Georgia.”

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  1. Jon Lester says:

    In an otherwise volatile and unpredictable election year, as everyone seems to think it will be, I feel a second Deal term is probably a sure thing. There isn’t a serious Democrat in the race for governor yet, and I really don’t see a Dalton mayor or a school superintendent pulling any upsets on the GOP side.

  2. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    Doesn’t Mike Dudgeon already have 2 jobs, State Rep and his regular job. He’s going to have to quit his job as a State Rep to run. That’s going to leave the other Republicans in the House high and dry during session. I can’t imagine Forsyth would have elected him if they knew he was going to quit on them.

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