Huge Election Problem in Bibb County

Macon and Bibb County have consolidated and have their election in September for a new mayor and commission for the consolidated government.

The districts are here.

I’ve confirmed with several residents who have had it happen and with a consultant involved that as many as several hundred residents have been placed in the wrong districts.

It all stems from the border between districts two and three. One resident I spoke with received a a robo call from current city councilman Henry Ficklin, which she thought was funny because she is in District 3, where the only candidates are Elaine Lucas, wife of State Senator David Lucas, and her challenger Terry Tripp.

When the lady and her husband went to vote, District Two candidates Henry Ficklin and Larry Schlesinger appeared on the ballot. Both voters complained and the Board of Elections looked up their address, determined the computer was wrong, and gave them ballots for district 3 instead.

Their neighbors, also in district 3 and who early voted, had to vote between Ficklin and Schlesinger. In a low information race and more concerned about the mayoral race, they hadn’t paid attention that they were placed by the ballot in the wrong district.

A consultant involved who has pulled the voter file says there appears to be an extensive voter placement problem along the borders of Districts 2 and 3 in Bibb County. It appears the information transmitted by the county to the state was wrong and the Secretary of State’s office consequently has bad, locally generated, inputs.

In a low turnout election, as many expect this will be, those errors could throw victory to people based on votes of those who do not live in their districts.


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