Endorsements in DPG Race

DuBose Porter secured the nominations of Georgia DNC members Wendy Davis, Richard Ray, Sally Rosser and David Worley recently.

For those of you keeping score, Dan Halpern, DuBose Porter, Kasim Reed, interim chair Nikema Williams and the congresscritters make up the rest of Georgia’s DNC membership.

Why does that matter? Because some Georgia Democrats were rankled by an email from Doug Stoner that seems to portray the endorsements of three individuals–Justin Tanner, Michelle Taylor and Paul Vranicar qua DNC members. While they are members of DNC committees, they are not members of the DNC itself. Politicians misleading people regarding facts isn’t noteworthy or new, this combined with Stoner’s recent misrepresentation of fundraising numbers doesn’t exactly set him up as the most honest of candidates. There also seems to be a growing disgust against Stoner and what multiple people have told me is a campaign against interim Chairwoman Williams.

Sidenote: I haven’t been able to verify the last claim, it seems as if picking a fight with the second-in-command for the party you hope to assume the helm of doesn’t seem like a sound management technique.


  1. Toxic Avenger says:

    I’ve also been hearing these rumors coming by the Stoner camp, and I also don’t understand the tactic.

  2. good_dem says:

    Look here: http://us7.campaign-archive2.com/?u=42e0be17dc4dc423613046aba&id=fe0b95936c to see the letter where the three people named above are supposed to have been misrepresented as DNC members. It clearly lists each of them as “Democratic National Committee; current member, National Finance Committee.” Which DPG committee members have trouble with punctuation and why is this article perpetuating the misread? And, for that matter, seeming to start the ridiculous rumor about Doug Stoner pitting himself against a woman with whom he seems to very much want to work? Do your homework, please, next time!

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