College Football Pick ‘Em Tournament

Its that time of year when we glorify the highest-paid person on campus who is neither a university administrator, researcher, professor or academic; we as adults pin all our hopes and dreams on the athletic achievement of boys; indelibly link ourselves to institutions that we likely have no actual connection with and happily feed a multi-billion dollar “amateur” spectacle.

Yes it is college football season once again.

Recognizing that, it is time to start the annual Peach Pundit College Football Pick ‘Em Tournament (AKA: the race to lose to Ed).

This year you have until five minutes until game time to select your picks. We know in the past people have forgotten to make a pick for a Thursday night game, missed that week’s deadline and been shut out. We fixed that for you, dear reader.

If this is right up your wheelhouse, go here to play. When you get to the “Go Georgia State Panthers” group you will know you are in the right place. The password is: “letsgogsu”.

Prizes will be awarded.

Good luck to all!


  1. Where is the complaint box? I object to the name of this group. “GO GEORGIA STATE PANTHERS?” Go where? What are they going to do when the get there? Do we want them to go where they are doing and do what they’ll do when they get there? Why was there no discussion about this before the group was named?

    I’m going to get Bryan Long to start an online petition calling for a public vote on this.

  2. Harry says:

    How did the Panthers name get picked up by Georgia State? It’s confusing given the proximity of the Carolina Panthers NFL South Divisional rivals of the Falcons. And they use blue helmets also. When I see Panthers I think Carolina.

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