Befuddles Me, This Does

Why do Democrats hate poor people? Fox 5 Atlanta:

Two Democratic lawmakers are pushing legislation that would make buying a firearm much more expensive. The bill would nearly double sales taxes on guns, and more than quadruple the tax rates on ammunition.

The bill is sponsored by William Pascrell, D-N.J., and Danny Davis, D-Ill., who say their legislation takes aim on gun violence starting at the pocketbook. The bill is called the Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities act. It calls for taxes on weapons to be raised well above what they are currently.

Under the proposed legislation, the tax rate on firearms purchases would increase from 11 percent to 20 percent. Tax rates on ammunition would rise from 11 percent to 50 percent. The proceeds would go to anti-gun violence programs.

Regressive taxes always hurt the poor. And the money “raised?” Watch it disappear…

Making guns and ammo more expensive for those of us who want (and need) to protect ourselves only emboldens criminals. And politicians.

I bet Danny Davis wouldn’t walk to school in Chicago these days. He’d ride in his limo, with his Stormtroppers trotting along side, waving at the little people.

Whose side are these wise guys on, anyway? They must be silent partners in (language warning)
Chris Rock’s Bait Shop and Ammo Emporium ?

Befuddles me, this does.


  1. mountainpass says:

    Do these folks think the criminal buys guns and ammo at retail stores?

    Of course not, that’s not the point of gun control.

    • benevolus says:

      Ya know, there are multiple stories in the news every single day about people getting shot that aren’t by “criminals”. It’s also kids, it’s drunks, it’s love triangles, it’s accidents. Embracing a small measure of control can prevent a lot of these injuries and deaths.

      I am a gun owner and I intend to remain one. But just like any other technology we pursue that has dangerous and widespread ramifications, a bit of control is not something to get all selfish about.

  2. KingRichard says:

    Police in Newtown, Conn. say they have already had 211 gun permit requests this year, a number far above the 171 requested in 2012 and the 99 in 2011. Gun Control obviously not working.

    Does anyone recall the recent CDC study debunking the lefts Gun Violence theories getting extensive media coverage or the administration plugging its key findings? Of course not. It doesn’t support their anti-Second Amendment, anti-gun ideology. It’s therefore ignored as if it never happened at all.

    Therefore as always the left marches on this tactic we knew would be next. Once this fails they will try to tax the weapons themselves…they will never stop trying to build their false fantasy uptopian world where a few masterminds make all of our decesions for us as if we are all some sort of lab experiment.

    Remember Obama’s if it saves one life then Government must act??? What absolute hypocritical BS…

  3. Scott65 says:

    You know…If you believed this across the board you might have a shred of credibility…but you dont…on both counts

    • Great point on credibility re: sales tax increases and the poor. They don’t seem to care nearly as much when the beneficiary will be lower income taxes for the non-poor.

      Now consider two possible extremes when talking about firearms. One is banning firearms and aggressively removing them from the country. The other is everyone get a gun to protect themselves.

      If you know ANYTHING about gun violence in places like Chicago, they’d be WAY better off like the other big cities in the majority of the developed world where guns are illegal than they would be expanding access to guns for “protection.” I mean, how many 14 year olds in London, Sydney, Paris etc were randomly shot walking to school in those places? Of course, some rancher in Texas or wannabe rancher in Kennesaw would have to stop hyperventilating long enough to actually let the police in Chicago “take guns from people” for it to actually work. But it would be a way better solution for a place like that. And higher taxes to discourage consumption is a step in the right direction in a place like that.

      • mountainpass says:

        {If you know ANYTHING about gun violence in places like Chicago, they’d be WAY better off like the other big cities in the majority of the developed world where guns are illegal than they would be expanding access to guns for “protection.”}

        Chris are you on crack? Guns ARE illegal to carry in Chicago.

          • mountainpass says:

            Sorry didn’t realize you were.
            Well in theory they are legal there now not sure what the licensing requirements are(I’m sure they are onerous and expensive thus keeping many from exercising their right), that said it will be interesting to watch and see.

  4. xdog says:

    Stormtroopers? I miss your point, if you had one.

    On guns for the poor, did anyone else notice how little outcry there was from the gun control absolutists after the McNair school incident? Those folks living and their students see more guns every week than the average Georgian does in a year and they’re not ready to take on more.

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