Loudermilk Resigns Legislative Posts

Yesterday, it was House Caucus Chairman Donna Sheldon announcing she was leaving the legislature to focus on her run for Congress.  Today, Senator Barry Loudermilk is announcing the same.  WGAU’s Tim Bryant just tweeted the news…and here’s his press release in my inbox.

Loudermilk’s press release is as follows:

Cassville, GA – State Senator Barry Loudermilk today announced his resignation
from the Georgia State Senate in order to focus his full attention on his campaign
for the U.S. Congress.

The following is Barry’s statement on his resignation:

Over the past several years I have worked tirelessly in both the State
House and Senate to promote strong Constitutional conservative values in
our state government. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we take
these same values to Washington D.C.

I am very grateful to the constituents who have given me the honor of
serving you over the past several years, and I look forward to expanding
that base and continuing to make a bold stand for you in Congress.
With continual attacks on our basic liberties, a massive federal debt
threatening our future, and the impact of Obamacare breaking an already
fragile economy, we are running out of time to put our nation back on
course. Our children deserve a better nation than what is being passed on
to them, and that is why I am going to focus my full attention on winning
this race and serving the people of the 11th District in Congress.

Barry has represented Northwest Georgia in the State Senate since 2011 and
served m


  1. KingRichard says:

    Another Professional Politician, this one seems to be pretty good and may even love our Constitution and Life, however I still want Term Limits, enough is enough.

  2. northside101 says:

    In this 74 percent Romney (2012) and 78 percent Isakson/72 percent Deal (2010) district, attention focuses on the Republican primary. Interesting to see how this (mainly) Bartow vs. Cherokee battle plays out—last December (latest figures from Sec of State online), district had about 30,000 registered voters on the Bartow side, about 51,000 in Cherokee portion. Small sliver of Cobb is in district between 75 and 575, but only 13,000 registered voters in that part of SD 14.

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