From the Peach Pundit Daily -And State Sen. Brandon Beach

If you subscribe to the Peach Pundit Daily, you would have already seen State Senator Brandon Beach taking a trip in cross town traffic using some of the public transportation resources in the metro Atlanta area. Sen. Beach took 3.5 hours going from Kennesaw to Gwinnett, and drew some conclusions about what we need to do to address traffic and transportation in the metro region. Here’s what subscribers to the Peach Pundit Daily already saw:

State Senator Brandon Beach Takes A Cross-Town Trip: It’s edited, so we don’t have to see all of the 3.5 hour trip, but the video is worth a watch as an example of how Georgia needs to address its transportation issues.

All our Peach Pundit Daily subscribers knew about that yesterday. (Unless they have a email address because Comcast continues to bounce their emails -sorry about that.) Sign up for the Daily here, and watch the YouTube clip from Sen. Beach below.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    I like this from yesterday’s Peach Pundit Daily:

    “Free advice for Georgia Power: Don’t show fear. Legislators are trained to smell fear.”

    And I thought they had been trained to smell dinner.

  2. Jackster says:

    I took the time to watch the video.

    I am curious though – how much did it cost them to make the commute?

    And, how did they get back to Kennesaw?

    Good work, guys. I would have liked to see them take the MARTA train all the way to the gwinnett arena, though.

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