Primary Date Set For May 20th

If you love going door to door in Mid-July heat on behalf of candidates, you better make sure your candidate is in a runoff.  A federal judge today has agreed to move Georgia’s primary even earlier than originally set, as Jim Galloway reports:

A federal judge has formally moved the date of Georgia’s federal primaries to May 20 – another step in the process of making the 2014 election calendar the earliest in state history.

U.S. District Judge Steve Jones had earlier ordered that primaries for congressional offices – including the all-important U.S. Senate contest – be held on June 3, to allow for enough time for overseas ballots for an Aug. 6 runoff to be sent to (and received from) military personnel oversees and other expats.

As Galloway also notes, it will take an act of the General Assembly to move the primaries for state offices, but that is a virtual certainty.  Counties will not want to bear the expense of running two election cycles.

Also noting is the expected carping from the “conservative” wing of the conservative party.  These are the people that will ask you not to remember that they wanted T-SPLOST and all other tax referendums to be held in November when the greatest number of voters are present, but want to have party nominees chosen by the fewest.


  1. Douglasville Dude says:

    When is qualifying expected to occur for state races? (Assuming the GGA acts to move the primaries.)

  2. KingRichard says:

    This is terrible and is why I suport that all voting activity should happen the day before Taxes are due. Ever wonder why Voting Day and Tax day are as far apart as they can be on a calendar? We are being played by both sides…Mark Levin’s book I am hoping sparks a revolution in America. The Liberty Amendments….The answer lies in the Constitution.

    • drjay says:

      meh, maybe i’m wrong, but i don’t know that the average american really “gets” tax day. like 2/3 to 3/4 of folks get a refund. they pay their taxes along and along with witholding or quarterly estimates. i know of a popular radio host in augusta that bragged about having extra witholding so that he would get an even larger refund every year like it was a christmas club or something…people would have to start writing checks to pay taxes instead of having it passively taken from them for this to really get any traction…

      • drjay says:

        and also, i’m not sure what it has to do with the primary date changing (this actually puts the primary pretty close to tax day if thats an issue for you)

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        The only way we will ever have people get a real clue about taxes is to make payroll deduction of taxes illegal.

        Imagine how fast the people would wake up to how much they are taxed if they had to physically write those checks to the government every month instead of never seeing the money in the first place.

        • Jackster says:

          I think anyone who is looking to increase their net looks at those lines first, then benefits deductions, then finally, how to increase the Gross.

          It’s the sad truth for lots of fair tax proponents that EVERYONE pays taxes.

          • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

            Yes, everyone pays taxes, but people become numb to the numbers after they get used to the shock.

            I remember how surprised I was to get my first paycheck as a 15 year old. No one told me how much would be deducted. But then I got used to it.

            My point is the shock of paying the tax bill should be real to us instead of something we are insulated from by payroll deductions.

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