Knives Come Out In The 11th: Lindsey Calls Barr A Libertarian Dud

State Representative and candidate for Congress Ed Lindsey sent out a presser criticizing fellow candidate Bob Barr on his remarks towards New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:

Like Alice tumbling through the rabbit hole into a realm of the contrary and grotesque, there are those curious moments in politics when absurdity has the edge. For Bob Barr, a Republican defector, demanding our party kick out a popular governor is one of those moments.

Bob Barr, the failed 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate-cum-Mad Hatter, said Republicans must strip from their ranks New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and brand the pol as a “disingenuous” political gamer.

“There should be no room in the GOP for Christie’s nebulous, if not disingenuous, political games,” Barr writes at Townhall, “and, it is time conservatives show him the door before his carefully self-nurtured image as the GOP ‘tough guy’ … destroys any remaining semblance of the conservative GOP base first constructed by Reagan two generations ago.”

The irony is almost too great.

This is the same Bob Barr who bolted from the GOP, abandoning many of the policies he once held, and campaigned for president as a Libertarian in 2008 to peel away GOP votes, knowing such a move would help Barack Obama win the White House. The same Bob Barr who now, believing his old party was again politically ascendant, wants Republicans to return him to Congress.

In 2002, Barr deserted his then-district in Cobb County, Ga. to primary a fellow GOP congressman, Fair Tax crusader John Linder, in a neighboring district he believed to be more fertile.

But after an unceremonious spanking at the ballot box at the hands of Rep. Linder, Barr abandoned his party and quickly landed on the payroll of the ACLU, marijuana legalization campaigns, and the notoriously ruthless and corrupt former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier.

In the years that followed he abdicated his earlier positions on gay marriage and illicit drugs, even opposing Georgia’s attempt to stem the tide of illegal immigration within our state’s sovereign border.

Republican-turned-libertarian-turned-Republican Bob Barr may think Ronald Reagan would disapprove of Christie, whom he believes is a “liberal masquerading as a conservative,” but it was the former president who famously lectured unfit political gatekeepers that his “eighty percent friend is not my twenty percent enemy.”

Like the Gipper, I do not have to agree with Governor Christie on every issue to respect his efforts to rein in public labor unions, reduce government waste, and protect our national security.

If Governor Christie decides to pursue a presidential bid in 2016, he will be a valued addition to a stellar crop of conservative would-be candidates. Candidates, like Sens. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum and Govs. Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker and Rick Perry, who never abandoned their party and principles for personal self-aggrandizement at a perilous time for our country.

We Republicans are savvy enough to spot a phony, and certainly savvy enough to do so without the political revolving door Bob Barr lecturing us.



  1. D_in_ATL says:

    Reagan reference…check
    National Security deference….check
    Drug war obedience….check
    Gay marriage disdain…check
    ACLU suspicion…check
    Tea Party cred….check

    This isn’t so much a presser as much as it’s a parody of the actual Principles the GOP operates under.

    • KingRichard says:

      I will be voting and supporting candidates who most stronly favor and support the Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independance. But this won’t be enough. If we are waiting for Government to reform itself – it won’t. So wait no longer…

  2. Three Jack says:

    More reasons provided by Lindsay to vote against Lindsay. Will he be running on a platform built around fewer civil liberties, more incarceration for non-violent pot smokers and the age-old applause lines against homos and mexicans?

  3. bulldawg11 says:

    Wow from Buckhead RINO to Right wing nut…you guys sure have a tough time sticking to a way to attack a man.

  4. Bill Arp says:

    Who cares about either one of these guys, they are both gonna have to get Loudermilk out of their way first.

  5. KingRichard says:

    The “Gipper” loathed his own Party because they like today stand for nothing. What do Republicans stand for today? Nothing. In Gippers diary are numerous hand written records of infighting in the party. They did not like Reagan, there was much fighting but look what it led to.

    The Gipper would disagree with Christie, Barr, Rubio and just about anyone else.

  6. bgsmallz says:

    Just looking at the map, the entire 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 13th districts are all closer in proximity to Mr. Lindsey’s home in Historic Brookhaven than Adairsville in the 11th so it’s easy to dismiss his entry as a fish out of water scenario or to conjure up ideas that he has to go ‘right wing’ to win. Yet almost 60% of the population of the district resides in the relatively smaller swaths of Cobb and Fulton Co…Vinings, Marietta, Smyrna, Sandy Springs…leaving the dense conservative enclave of East Cobb mostly in the 6th district.

    This one is going to be fascinating to watch. Lindsey’s only chance to win is to kill it in Smyrna, Buckhead, Vinings, and Marietta and break even through NW Cobb…it will be a real measuring stick of where Cobb is politically and could tell us much about the direction of the region if someone is able to defeat Loudermilk in a primary.

    • TheEiger says:

      Lindsay would have to win the majority of Cobb county in your scenario. Barr has better name ID there and you also have Pridemore from that part of the district. That’s why you see Ed doing this absurd attack campaign on Barr. It won’t work. Weakening Barr this way will allow Loudermilk to clean house in Bartow and Cherokee counties. Here comes Congressman Loudermilk.

  7. GAgadfly says:

    The problem with this scenario is that even “right wing nuts” have to have money to convince the voters that they’re the authentic right wing nut, as opposed to an established name with lots of money (Barr) or a newly minted “evolving” right wing nut with lots of money (Lindsey). Loudermilk hasn’t shown thus far that he is going to be anywhere in the ballpark of the others in terms of fundraising, to say nothing of spending what little he has wisely.

    • TheEiger says:

      Ask Congressman Whitehead about just out raising and spending your opponent. Oh yeah, that right. Paul Broun beat him. Who’s the state senator and dentist from Hall that was going to take Deal’s House seat? Can’t remember his name because Graves beat him with a hell of a grassroots campaign. Money matters, but it isn’t everything.

      • GAgadfly says:

        Graves raised the most money during the 2010 cycle. And while yes, you can win without the most money, there is a ratio of being outspent that even the best candidate and team can’t overcome. Looking at Loudermilk’s funding totals and burn rate, it’s hard to see how he’s going to have enough to be competitive.

  8. Dave Bearse says:

    Stellar is not a word that is often included in the same sentence with “Rick Santorum” and “Rick Perry”

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