Straw Poll Results That May Surprise You

As reported by Ken Young, Chairman of the Barrow County GOP, the results of the straw polls conducted at their BBQ event over the weekend were as follows:

Overall Total – 10th U.S. District
Donna Sheldon – 54 (23.48%)
Gary Gerrard – 47 (20.43%)
Jody Hice – 40 (17.39%)
Mike Collins – 38 (16.52%)
Stephen Simpson – 22 (9.57%)
Brian Slowinski – 5 (2.17%)
Undecided – 24 (10.44%)

Overall Total – U.S. Senate
Jack Kingston – 69 (28.75%)
Paul Broun – 67 (27.92%)
Karen Handel – 33 (13.75%)
Eugene Yu – 16 (6.67%)
David Perdue – 11 (4.58%)
Phil Gingrey – 8 (3.33%)
Derrick Grayson – 2 (0.83%)
Ken Young – 1 (0.42%)
Undecided – 33 (13.75%)

Barrow GOP has posted more results on their Facebook page, which you can see for yourselves at this link.


  1. bulldawg11 says:

    Yeah…there weren’t that many people at that event. Looks like some ballot stuffing.

    But Kingston and Donna were out in full force and Hice didn’t bring anyone-may be cause he doesn’t have the same pool that he did when he ran in the 7th.

    Also Simspons has a ton of volunteers and Eugene Yu gives a great stump speech.

  2. Jessica S. says:

    I find it interesting, per the link, that when considering ONLY 10th district voters, it was

    I like to bring all my out of district friends to events for straw polls, too. Not naming names of course.

    • NorthGAGOP says:

      Along those same lines.

      10th U.S. District Vote Only – U.S. Senate
      from those who indicated on their ballot


  3. bulldawg11 says:

    Oh no. The ever so reliable straw poll has lost its scientific nature and its predictive power for the outcome of this election has been ruined.

    I sometimes think we should get rid of the straw poll all together and just cut the head off a chicken and whichever candidate it runs too is the winner.

    Same predictive power but at least no one can say you cheated.

  4. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Who is Ken Young? I will assume he voted for himself. And Eugene Yu did better than at the Floyd rally, where he and his supporters must have missed the straw poll.

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        Thanks for the info. I had no idea who he was. But why could he not have written himself in? Just curious, not saying he did, but it isn’t totally impossible. I’m sure he has other fans or someone could have been joking around with him.

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