Peach Pundit Fantasy Draft Set For Monday 8/26. OPEN THREAD

The League is full now. Sorry to those who wanted to join but couldn’t, and welcome to our new participants.

The League URL is Bookmark it so you remember how to get back there. 🙂

The draft is set for Monday August 26th at 7:00 PM. You will need a browser with Flash capabilities to participate in the draft.

You can pick your players or if you can’t make it let Yahoo’s computers pick for you. I’d suggest you click here and test your system before the draft. If this is your first time participating in an online draft, I’d also suggest you join one of the mock drafts Yahoo has available.

Thanks for joining, it’s going to be a fun season. As you’re crowning me League Champion later this year, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Talk about this and anything else you want in this OPEN THREAD.


  1. benevolus says:

    Rules for the gun show this weekend:
    “**No loaded or holstered firearms will be allowed on the person or in the possession of any exhibitor (or their employees, etc) within the confines of any Eastman Gun Show. There are no exceptions to this prohibition.”

    Same for attendees. Not sure of the reasoning here.

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