Gingrey, Handel, Broun take Floyd GOP Straw Poll Results

Drove up to Rome this morning (despite the Rollins family’s best efforts to keep those of us from Atlanta from doing so) and enjoyed a great event put on at the Tillman Hangar by the Floyd County GOP.  Layla Shipman and her crew did an excellent job of getting a large number of speakers efficiently on and off the stage while simultaneously feeding a big crowd.  As a bonus we managed to finish it up before the rain started.

Many got to hear candidate Eugene Yu speak for the first time, though it was after the straw poll ballots were handed in.  Still, it seems that Yu nor his staff took advantage of the opportunity to vote for himself.  Also of note, Kelly Loeffler – not a candidate at this time – was in attendance.

The results of the straw poll are as follows:

Gingrey-45 (34.4%)

Handel- 35 (26.7%)

Broun- 24 (18.3%)

Kingston- 18 (13.7%)

Perdue- 7 (5.3%)

Grayson- 2 (1.5%)

Yu -0 (0%)


  1. Jon Lester says:

    Unhappy as I am with the state Democratic party’s apparent intention to rubber-stamp legacy candidate Michelle Nunn without so much as a debate with Dr. Rad and Steen Miles, I’m thinking the stronger GOP candidates are each capable of completely blowing the race with their own words and behavior, after seeing Jim Galloway’s summary of this Floyd County event. It’s only a matter of time before Gingrey steps in it again, as he did earlier this year when he both defended remarks by Akin and Murdock, and suggested he would give in to some kind of compromise for gun control; Paul Broun may be overestimating the attractiveness of slashing programs like the EPA while maintaining a status quo for defense spending; Kingston may well find that Georgia voters, too, are increasingly wary of military unilateralism that has caused far more problems than it was intended to solve in the past decade.

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