1. Charlie says:

    And for those unaware, Creative Loafing’s Thomas Wheatley gets a new pair of angel wings every time some other Atlanta writer uses his line of “this is why we can’t have nice things”. It’s cheaper than us agreeing to pay him royalties.

  2. sockpuppet says:

    Well, this vindicates Gov. Deal’s decision not to remove him from office. And the decision of the voters to return him to office.

    Some stuff on the jury that I found … interesting.

    “Prosecutors declined comment immediately after the verdict. The jury foreman, Markeith Crabb, told Channel 2 Action News, the prosecution failed to make its case.

    A lot of evidence wasn’t presented to find him guilty,” said Crabb, a 32-year-old rap artist.”

    “The jury, composed of a white man, an Asian man, three black women and seven black men deliberated two hours on Wednesday and then all day Thursday before they reached their decision.”

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I wouldn’t say the acquittals are vindication with respect to re-election. They guy cost the county millions, and beyond a reasonable doubt is a high standard. It may be vindication based on common Georgia public official standards though—the standard being that so long as it’s not illegal its ethical and acceptable.

    • Stefan says:

      You’ve bolded and italicized? I don’t even know what that means, double emphasis? no emphasis at all? Why is “white man” double emphasized and Asian given only single emphasis? This is so confusing, puppet. Is this some sort of Jeff Dunham reference that I am not getting?

  3. It was the robocalls, don’t kid yourselves. From the Peach Pundit Daily last week:
    “Indicted Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill will be allowed to wear his badge, though not his uniform during his trial. And he must stop “the robocalls advertising a free cell phone alert system” (with a message from Hill) in order to make sure potential jurors in his trial are not “influenced.”

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