Nathan Deal’s Response To Florida’s Water War Lawsuit


Charlie wrote up the synopsis of Rick Scott’s legal efforts to get more of our water.  Scott is on record as a hydrophobe (he is repulsed by bodies of water), and Nathan Deal took a moment to respond to him at the NCSL which is going on in Atlanta. Here’s what he had to say, but since I know most of you won’t click through, here’s a short clip that fairly encapsulates his comments:




  1. Harry says:

    Pending a SC ruling does the Gen. Shafer Tennessee liberation army re-deploy to Florida’s frontier as a defensive tactic?

    • Will Durant says:

      Nah, with Florida we are upstream so we can use er… offensive tactics. From John Huston’s The Man Who Would Be King:

      CARNEHAN: Have the Bashkais any enemies to speak of?
      {One of their Chiefs answers.}
      BILLY FISH: Oh, yes, enemies all around. The Bhar-doks, the Shus,the Ghandaras, the Khawaks…
      {He points to some fortress-like walls in the distance.}
      BILLY FISH: Bhar-doks people all coming out and pissing downstream on Bashkai people when go to bathe…
      DRAVOT: Shocking!
      CARNEHAN: We’ll smite ‘em down and grind ‘em into the earth!

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