Tweets From Day 2 Of The NCSL Summit.

More Tweets about the National Conference of State Legislatures, which is taking place this week at the World Congress Center. There are some controversial things that happened today such as a panel discussion on beer with no free samples (observe the outraged member of Big Media below), as well as my encounter with the “world of nude recreation.” I’ll also point out I got a test drive in a Tesla model S (more info here). What a cool car.

Tweets below the fold. Tweets from Day 1 here.


  1. Really like the Model S. Gotta figure out how I can get my own test drive, or better yet figure out how I can budget in the purchase of one.

    As for the nude recreation, there’s a nudist resort just down the road from my wife’s grandfather’s farm in Dawsonville if you want more of a close up experience. Never been there, but I’ve driven by a few times. Found it – Paradise Valley. Not really that big of a deal. Go visit a public pool / sauna in Austria, Germany, Finland, or Sweden. The changing room (note the singular) in Vienna isn’t separated by sex. As well, the sauna / whirlpool areas were nude only. (It’s considered unsanitary to do otherwise.) When I was in France, a “maillot de bain sportif” was required – a bathing suit for sport. So, you either go the Speedo route, or you don’t swim.

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