Gingrey and his Doctor’s Orders.

Congressman Gingrey has been busy going to parts of the state you don’t typically arrive in by accident promoting his ideas to defund and defeat Obamacare.


From the Press release

Gingrey Travels to Columbus, Thomasville on
“Doctor’s Orders: Defund and Defeat Obamacare” tour

Dr. Phil Gingrey today met elected officials, healthcare professionals and small business owners in Columbus, Thomasville, Albany and Bainbridge as he continued his “Doctor’s Orders: Defund and Defeat Obamacare” tour. He has also traveled to Macon, Warner Robins, Milledgeville and Tifton this week.

“At every stop, I hear concerns about Obamacare and how it will affect Georgians,” Gingrey said. “With each passing day that a question remains unanswered or a deadline is missed, people grow increasingly worried. This law is unmanagable and unworkable and the threat to businesses and families is real.  Whether I was in Columbus, Milledgeville or Tifton, Georgians’ message is the same – ‘Repeal this law before it is too late.’”
About Dr. Gingrey:

Dr. Phil Gingey is an OB/GYN from Marietta representing Georgia’s 11th Congressional District. He is co-chairman of the House GOP Doctors Caucus, which includes physicians, nurses, and health care professionals. The caucus, founded by Gingrey, remains focused on repealing Obamacare and replacing it with health care reform initiatives that lower costs and protect the physician-patient relationship. Gingrey is running to fill Saxby Chambliss’ seat in the United States Senate.



  1. Please – repeal this law before I can buy a plan with real actuarial value with the possibility of a federal tax subsidy reducing its cost. -Thousands of informed voters.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    “and [replace] it with health care reform initiatives that lower costs and protect the physician-patient relationship.”

    The GOP House caucus’ health care ideas are as relevant as its budget ideas; big objectives that dissipate into nothingness when it comes to detail, actual implementation, or having to cut other than someone’s else’s priorities or benefits.

    PS – The good news is that it appears Georgia will accept Obamacare Medicaid a couple months earlier than was the case a short while ago.

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